Prof Jaya A. R. Dantas

Advisor in International Health


Prof Jaya A. R. Dantas (also known as Jaya Earnest) is a Professor of International Health, in the School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine and coordinates the Postgraduate Research Program (MPhil & PhD) in International Health.  She was appointed Director of Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Health Sciences in March 2011 and chairs the Faculty Research Training Committee. In a career spanning 30 years, Prof Dantas has lived and worked in India, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Australia. Her expertise in International health, gender and global migration has seen her undertake research and teaching consultancies in Timor-Leste, Sri-Lanka and Sinagpore.

Her central research interests focus on the social and cultural consequences of post-conflict adversity on women and youth; the social determinants of health,  vulnerability, resilience and empowerment processes among refugee and migrant populations and interdisciplinary cross-cultural participatory research. Jaya’s research uses rights based participatory approaches to overcoming health and social inequalities. She is experienced in international field work especially in post-conflict environments with a focus on mixed methods – comprising community and household surveys, vulnerability assessments, participatory and ethnographic research.