Prof Jorge Sanz

Advisor in Strategy and the use of Information Technology


Professor Jorge Sanz is the Director of the National University of Singapore Business Analytics Center, an interdisciplinary graduate education and research center jointly founded by the School of Computing and Business School in NUS.

Jorge has more than 30 years of applied research and practical experience in industry. He has worked in banking, telecommunications, government and health care for global and medium firms in America and Europe. He works in Strategy and the use of Information Technology for transforming the front-office of organizations. He has worked at different times in IBM Research for over 15 years on image computing, parallel processing and services systems. Jorge works on statistical modeling for business problems and applied analytics for companies and macro-economics, with applications in social business. He also conducts research on process innovation in organizations as well as analytics for business performance modeling and prediction in firms.

Jorge leads international academic and professional activities in Business Informatics and Service Engineering and has chaired a number conferences on the interplay of business and IT for IEEE and other associations. He has been the President of the University of St. Andrews, Professor in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Visiting Professor in University of California. Today he teaches, conducts research and advises more than 40 graduate students in the National University of Singapore.
Jorge works as an International Assignee from IBM Research in Singapore. He is also Chief Innovation Officer for Retail Banking in IBM Corporation. He actively consults for Asian, European, North American and Latin American companies. He is a Fellow of the IEEE Society