Mr Robbie Sinclair

Advisor in governance, risk and compliance


Robbie holds a Masters level business degree along with other professional internationally recognised risk management qualifications. He has extensive multi-sector experience that assures he is a highly educated, internationally respected, values driven risk, planning and governance practitioner with success in senior strategic operational and financial risk management business leadership and consulting roles across several sectors.

A focused self-directed and professionally disciplined and innovative business risk knowledge broker, planner and problem solver, Robbie drives strategic operational and financial risk compliance, strategic planning and assurance management to create lasting change.

As an executive with more than 20 years success in projects and generally advisory services across industries in Asia-Pacific, Robbie brings governance, risk & compliance, and assurance functions together into a single integrated model to achieve four outcomes:

  • Reduce total cost of doing business company wide;
  • Ensure Boards can consistently rely on risk and assurance management reports;
  • Provide a single point of executive accountability for the board; and
  • Improve operational decision-making and strategic planning to realise superior outcomes.

He applies his experience and knowledge of governance, risk & compliance, and assurance cognisant of broader business context to add value via:

  1. Asking objective & balanced questions which challenge assumptions in strategic / important decision making to ensure potential downside / contingent risks are considered against potential rewards as part of a risk-reward trade-off;
  2. Establishing and imbedding a single framework, terminology and methodology for governance, risk & compliance, and assurance to consistently quantify and classify risk across an organisation so potentially dangerous gaps in understanding and coverage of risks are avoided;
  3. Communicating and promoting a balanced approach to governance, risk & compliance and assurance through establishment of interactive sessions with management to agree which risks to avoid, mitigate, transfer and accept. This enables pragmatic controls to be absorbed into work practices to align operations with an organisation’s appetite for risk.
  4. Identifying and eradicating unnecessarily high-risk practice and policies by consistent assessment of incidents so management understands all manifestations of risk and is accountable for unauthorised / inappropriate behaviours.
  5. Developing requisite governance, risk & compliance and assurance team/skills.