Dr Scott Flower

Founder and Chief Executive Officer – GCORE Global

Scott is a Fellow at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne. He is also a Visiting Fellow at the Australian Defence Force Academy, University of New South Wales. He holds a PhD in Public Policy and a Master of Arts in Strategic Studies from the Australian National University, (ANU). Scott has published in leading peer-reviewed academic journals including: the Journal of Islamic Studies, Novo Religio, the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, the Journal of Pacific Affairs, Journal of Pacific History, and the Australian Journal of International Affairs.

Scott has been awarded a number of prestigious national and international research grants for his research projects. He was funded by the Australian Civil Military Centre to lead a project with Dr David Hyndman investigating the use of the social sciences by Western militaries to develop socio-cultural analytical capabilities that support Civil-Military Stabilisation, Peace-Building and Conflict Prevention operations. He is currently leading research in the US and Canada (funded by the US Dept. of Defence and CSIS respectively) investigating conversion to Islam in each country and the radicalisation of converts there. Scott also has ongoing research interests in the Pacific region, particularly Papua New Guinea where he has worked as a consultant in security and resettlement advisory roles for Exxon Mobil, BHP Billiton and Xstrata.

Earlier in his career (1992-95) Scott was a command post operator and forward observer’s assistant in the Royal Australian Artillery Corps. After the army Scott worked as a mountain guide in New Zealand and as a professional mountain rescuer in emergency services for the Department of Conservation at Mt Cook (1997-2004). Between his Masters and PhD studies, (2006-08) he worked for ASIO as lead intelligence analyst for the Banking and Finance and Oil and Gas sectors.


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