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7 simple rules of building technical support that customers will love


We regularly receive positive feedback for Gcore technical support. At conferences, customers and partners often praise our staff for responsiveness, friendliness and competence.

What is the reason for the success? It’s simple. We have a strong team.

We want to tell about 7 rules that govern the selection and training of candidates.

1. Who to take

We invite bright-eyed young people who are open to the world and ready to conquer it to join our support team. They may know nothing about the IT sphere, but they should be willing to discover new horizons and be fast learners.

“At Gcore, there are no prejudices that specific education is required. Career growth here depends on how well your brain works, and it does not matter whether you have a wallpaper degree. Learning process is long, deliberate, allowing to get all the things straight.

We have clear rules of work and at the same time there is a lot of freedom. No one ever urges, you can take your time and carry out a study and respond to the client later.

Everyone is aware of everything, you can get in touch with any specialist, ask any question. You will be answered and helped.

Nothing is perfect, but when thinking about the cons I do not find them. Maybe I spent too little time here, but maybe there are just none!”

Ekaterina Bytsenko

Ekaterina Bytsenko

Technical Support Specialist

2. Who to invite to an interview

Prior to the first interview, we give candidate a task, assess the quality of the solution and the time taken to solve it.

The big advantage for a prospective employee is asking the real technical support questions about the company’s services in preparation for a job interview. For us it always means that the candidate is inquisitive, purposeful and interested in the job.

“Why do I work in Gcore technical support:

1. I really learn a lot of new and useful things and feel that I am developing and becoming a better person.
2. Decent wages.
3. Cool and friendly staff.
4. There is a real opportunity to make a career within the company.”

Irina Nasyrova

Irina Nasyrova

Senior Technical Support Specialist

3. What to ask at the interview

At the first interview, we ask the candidates how they cope with difficult life situations. Do they enjoy communicating with others? How do they help their colleagues and friends?

We inquire about how they would act if the management asks to complete an important task at the end of the day, and there is no one else near who could handle it.

To determine whether a rookie is able to gain knowledge, we ask a couple of standard questions: “What are you interested in?” and “What do you do in your spare time?”.

4. How to teach

We pass technical knowledge about the operation of services in small portions. Knowledge acquisition is checked through testing.

If a new employee does not get the principle of service operation on the 34th time, does not use Google to search for an explanation and can not figure it out on a stand-alone basis, it is not our kind of guy.

“There are algorithms and detailed instructions on how to maintain services. No need to monkey around.

Issues get resolved promptly. There are involved people who want to optimize every process, who you can rely on, who are pleasant to be around and who you want to be like.

There are regular meetings where new features are highlighted, your ups and downs are discussed. You are getting taught and helped to overcome difficulties at all times.”

Andrey Terekhov

Andrey Terekhov

Technical Support Specialist

5. How to motivate the staff

We give interesting tasks. We encourage initiative. We listen to proposals on process optimization. We discuss together how to implement the improvements or recommend to modify them.

“It is always interesting and enjoyable to work.

The atmosphere and staff are the best. There are delicious coffee and cookies.

In general, I really like it a lot!”

Maxim Volegov

Maxim Volegov

Technical Support Specialist

6. What principles to always remember

The quality of our support is stable because we are faithful to three principles:

  1. Technical support = team.
  2. The customer is always right.
  3. No one except for us can help the client in a difficult situation.

7. The whip or the carrot?

We rather have “Praise. Love. Punish” šŸ˜‰

“Gcore technical support is a good opportunity to see what and how works in the IT industry.

You will learn what difficulties the customers face with and get a clear understanding on the operation of infrastructure, which is one of the largest in the world.

I’m sure it is the best place to start a career in IT”

Kaleria Koryukova

Kaleria Koryukova

Head of Technical Support

Technical support is just one of the strengths of Gcore.

Every day, our competent and talented specialists solve difficult and interesting tasks.

Write to us if you want to join a powerful international team and do something significant.

Join a powerful team

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