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G-Core Labs Hosting and CDN lead in independent ratings

According to HostAdvice, G‑Core Labs' Hosting and CDN services are ‘superb’ enough to be regarded as a global top 25 provider. SourceForge awarded G‑Core Labs CDN with ‘Top Performer status’ (Winter 2022).

These 5-star ratings and awards were granted based on user ratings alone. This clearly highlights that our clients are truly satisfied with our services and for this fact, we are truly delighted. It shows our dedication to our customers has happily been recognized.

G-Core Labs CDN service ranked as a 'Top Performer' on SourceForge

SourceForge is one of the world’s largest resources specialized in reviewing and comparing various software and IT services. This platform has almost 30 million active users.

This winter, SourceForge awarded our CDN with 'Top Performer' status. This status is awarded only to the companies that receive the largest number of positive recommendations and fall under the top 10% suite of products, according to user 


G-Core Labs’ rating on SourceForge
G-Core Labs’ rating on SourceForge

The fact that G‑Core Labs was recognized for the Top Performer award (Winter 2022) reflects how satisfied our users are with our CDN service. We are very proud of this award and will continue to develop our product to make it even better.

Top provider ratings by HostAdvice

HostAdvice is a large international information platform publishing reviews about various IT products with a focus on hosting services and other ratings for networking services, such as CDN.

Two of G‑Core Labs' products, Hosting and CDN were recently evaluated, and both were listed as leaders among the top-rated companies in the industry.

G‑Core Labs listed among the top 25 cloud hosting providers. Awarded 4.8 out of 5 stars. Ranking based on 150+ user ratings.

G-Core Labs Hosting rating on HostAdvice
G-Core Labs Hosting rating on HostAdvice

G-Core Labs CDN awarded 5th place — 4.8 stars, based on 158 user ratings.

G-Core Labs CDN rating on HostAdvice
G-Core Labs CDN rating on HostAdvice

We are very happy to know that our clients rate us that high.

As a client, you can also share your impressions about us and get a €25 bonus on your G‑Core Labs account.

We have introduced a Feedback bonus program that incorporates several similar information portals, including HostAdvice. The conditions are simple:

  • Submit any feedback about one of our products on one of the websites.
  • Send us a screenshot.
  • Receive your bonus.

Share your impressions. All kinds of feedback are important to us as it helps us improve our products for the future.

Why our clients love our services

We always try to provide IT services to the highest satisfaction level to all our clients. We do our best to solve even the most complex business tasks.

Some facts about our CDN:

  • 140+ points of presence around the world
  • 30 ms average response time
  • 75+ Tbps total network capacity
  • 6,000+ connections to Internet service providers (ISPs)
  • 100+ connections to traffic exchange points (IXs) worldwide
  • Integrated web protection mechanisms against DDoS attacks, hacking, and bots
  • Easy integration with Grafana and Terraform
  • Extended API documentation

Our Hosting features:

  • Certified Tier III data centers
  • 40+ locations across 5 continents
  • A wide variety of VPS and dedicated servers offering upgrading opportunities
  • Support for any OS
  • Easy integration with popular CMS services
  • Integrated DDoS protection

We also have a convenient control panel and dedicated technical support for all products 24/7.

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