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Hello again, world! Now we are just Gcore

Gcore is our refreshed brand

Due to continuing growth in demand for cloud and edge services, we are in the intense process of the company’s transformation. To mark the shift to the next level of our development, we decided to refresh our brand name and logo.

Let’s look back at our brand design evolution and recollect some important details of who we are.

The brand origins

We started in 2014 as a European IaaS startup that provided low-latency infrastructure on a global scale for game developers and publishers. At the time, the name G-Core Labs was logical and clear: Gaming at the Core + Labs for the place where experts in high-load systems are constantly researching and developing better network solutions.

“Gaming,” “Global thinking,” “Global scale” were, are, and will be in our DNA.

The reasons to rebrand

Due to the growing number of self-registered customers in recent years, we have become more focused on providing relevant, beneficial, and user-friendly cloud and edge services. Our vision is to bring to life reliable, performant, and secure products, but they also need to be UX/UI-optimized, simply managed, and ready to rock in a few clicks.

Moreover, over the years we have heard and seen how our brand name has been used by our staff, clients, and partners in verbal and written communications. In most cases, the name was pronounced and spelled simply as Gcore, G-Core or GCORE, but very seldom as G-Core Labs.

We know for a fact that the lower network latency, the better. The same is true when it comes to brand names. “G-Core Labs” is too long and a little outdated in the world of rush and brevity.

That is why we decided to shorten our trademark and logotype, but keep it recognizable and clear.

Hello again, world! Now we are just Gcore Hello again, world! Now we are just Gcore Hello again, world! Now we are just Gcore
2016 2018 2022

Our logo design evolution

Meaning of the new brand sign

The eclipsing G over the red-hot core may evoke a variety of associations, but we put a fairly simple meaning into it: growth, global expansion and presence with some help from Gcore.

Brand tagline is still with us

“Go global faster” is the tagline that still reflects the essence of our brand. Anywhere in the world, we are ready to provide low-latency content delivery, cloud computing with top-notch performance, next-gen DDoS protection, and many other related services and solutions to help you to grow, prosper, and enter new markets and industries to attract new customers.

A new chapter begins

With the refresh of the Gcore brand, we started a new chapter of our global company.

This fall, we are going to introduce a new website, UX/UI updates for the control panel of our edge cloud platform, and some other new features.

Stay tuned. And go global faster with us.

Gcore team

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