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Introducing DNS Failover (closed beta)

Your success in doing business online largely depends on how available it is. In the world we live in today, people have a very low tolerance to any types of interruptions, connection errors, and website slowdowns, and every minute of downtime can lead to significant profit losses.

This is even more crucial if you operate on a global scale, in different time zones, and with huge million-user audiences. In this case, you must ensure that your web servers are always online and ready to handle customer requests without excuses or delays.

One of the key components of your service’s availability on the web is DNS. For this reason, you need a fast and resilient DNS service that can manage your DNS zones and balance your traffic between available web servers.

DNS Failover

Today, we are announcing a closed beta testing of DNS Failover, a new G-Core Labs’ managed DNS feature that helps prevent a web application outage if one of your web servers goes offline. By using DNS Failover for your web service, your audience will avoid server unavailability and be satisfied with the smooth operation of the product.

To make this possible, we developed DNS Healthcheck Module, a special monitoring unit within our DNS hosting, which helps us collect real-time information about web servers’ availability.

Simple and reliable

DNS Healthcheck Module constantly monitors the status of your web servers by sending regular health check requests. If the module doesn’t receive a response from one of the web servers, it sends the command to Authoritative DNS Servers to stop sharing the appropriate A record with DNS Resolvers.

The module keeps sending requests to the web server and sends the appropriate update to Authoritative DNS Servers once it goes back online. Then, the appropriate A record will be visible to DNS Resolvers again.

The information about A records is transmitted almost instantly across all nameservers on the network.

How DNS Failover works when one web server becomes unavailable
How DNS Failover works when one web server becomes unavailable

Take part in our beta testing

Starting today, DNS Failover will be available in closed beta mode for the next few weeks. During this period, we keep polishing this mechanism and studying its strengths and weaknesses in order to increase its efficiency in the future.

If you’re eager to expand your DNS experience, we would like to invite you to participate in the closed beta of DNS Failover.

Feel free to contact our support team to get personal access to this feature.

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