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Hello World! This Is G‑Core Labs

We accelerate content delivery and provide a trustworthy hosting service around the world so that your business becomes even faster and more profitable.

To realize this, we have created a unique IT infrastructure. Thanks to this infrastructure, the productiveness of G‑Core Labs services was awarded by the Guinness Book of Records for 1,114,000 simultaneous online users.

According to independent Cedexis tests, our CDN content delivery network is the fastest and most productive in Russia and the CIS and one of the most progressive networks in Europe and the USA. In the near future, we plan to increase our presence in Asia, Australia and South America. We continue to improve the performance of our network all over the world and aim to become one of the world’s top 3 CDNs in 2018!

We’re happy to share the details of implementing our plans, to tell you about the development and new features of CDN & hosting, and to share our experience, useful advice, and interesting cases. You’ll learn about G‑Core Labs’ participation in the world’s main events in the following industries: games, software, video, e-commerce, social media, and advertisement.

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