How we provided infrastructure for the Netherlands multiplayer gaming platform Gameye

Gameye helps game studios and publishers spin up servers and run multiplayer games anywhere in the world—all automatically. That’s why they need infrastructure that is stable, global and can provide excellent connectivity.

Many studios spend significant resources making sure their games can handle both in-game peak loads and deployment systems. Gameye technology helps studios focus on developing great multiplayer games without having to develop the back-end systems required for multiplayer sessions.


“With the latest technology and first-class hardware, we can deliver any game, anywhere. Gcore really helps us host tournaments, clan servers, casual games, or full-fledged hardcore esports game servers. We can launch a server instantly, automatically, and manage it all easily.”

Sebastiaan Heijne

CEO of Gameye

The task

Developers funnel all their players to Gameye and trust them to handle the load and automatically decide where to spin up new servers. Gameye’s technology, built with dedicated and cloud servers, allows customers to deploy gaming sessions in the most cost-effective way while maintaining the best gameplay quality.

Thus, even at the stage of launching the platform into commercial operation in 2016, the Gameye founders focused on selecting partners with a high level of equipment quality.

The best price-to-quality ratio makes Gameye one of the best on the market. But the best service wouldn’t be the best without a high-end infrastructure.

Why Gameye chooses top vendors

At Gameye, they know that game speed is the most important component for both gamers and publishers. To achieve high game speed, the company has created all the necessary tools that are essential for great gameplay. The team has built a hybrid dedicated and cloud server environment that ensures the best connectivity for every multiplayer session with minimal latency.

Gameye lets developers choose which technologies they want to use and doesn’t force anything on them. For example, they can connect any matchmaking service they want. They’re not tied to one particular system.

Thanks to this solution, game developers don’t need to build expensive infrastructure in order to release a new game to the market.

How Gcore helped Gameye improve performance in Europe

Gameye chose Gcore infrastructure to improve game performance in Europe.

“We’re happy to welcome Gcore as a partner and to include them in our global infrastructure. Gcore will provide us with server resources, letting us run more game sessions, closer to players all around the world, in an agnostic way. Gcore’ great and stable network in Europe, and its proven track record with games like World of Tanks and Black Desert Online, make them a perfect addon to our reach. They help us get one step closer to achieving the best possible coverage across the world.”

Elmer Bulthuis

CTO of Gameye

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