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How G‑Core Labs Cloud helps Aggregion clients collaborate on sensitive data

Posted: 10.12.2020
Aggregion solves the problem of secure data collaboration between different companies. To do this, we use our own developments based on distributed databases technology, blockchain, and secure enclaves. In addition to integrating data of a group of companies and organizing ecosystems, market analytics, and custom services, participants can create applications on a distributed data management platform to improve marketing efficiency, financial scoring, and insurance. The company’s customers include Microsoft, Intel, Pearson, Cornelsen, and other large global businesses.

How does Aggregion help businesses improve their metrics?

Software solutions provided by Aggregion allow companies to commence secure and efficient collaborative projects with massive amounts of data related to purchases and audience characteristics.

Due to the attained synergetic effect, partners who cooperate on the Aggregion platform, such as banks and retailers, can optimize cross-channel advertising campaigns, promote each other’s products and services to target audiences, manage customer loyalty, and create various partner programs. This can significantly reduce costs associated with digital placement while increasing sales.

It’s important, however, that the information both parties are working on isn’t used to the detriment of each other as a competitive advantage.

Why did Aggregion choose G‑Core Labs Cloud?

Interest in Aggregion solutions is constantly growing. They receive requests from existing and potential customers for the physical placement of the cloud within certain jurisdictions.

That’s why they were looking for a cloud service provider that would be present in all strategically important regions for them, including the United States, the European Union, and Russia.

According to Aggregion CEO Nukri Basharuli, their customers needed the ability to quickly deploy and scale solutions and support secure data processing technologies.

What results did Aggregion achieve?

G‑Core Labs was one of the first on the market to offer virtual machines with support for Intel SGX (Intel Software Guard Extensions), one of the unique server technologies that allows you to open secure enclaves to collaborate on data—exactly what Aggregion customers needed.

This solution provides hardware-based memory encryption which creates enclaves to isolate code and app data that require protection. No one can enter an enclave without the owner’s permission, even by using the processes and software that function on the more privileged levels, including operating systems and hypervisors.

Aggregion CEO

Nukri Basharuli

“The G‑Core Labs solution allows us to quickly launch our services. Tests have shown that any of the customers can receive the necessary information instantly, and the infrastructure itself is available in all geographical jurisdictions where we operate. Each country has restrictions on the work with personal data, and, as a rule, we must store it within a specific country. G‑Core Labs makes it easy for us to solve this problem. That’s why we chose this company as our cloud partner”

Aggregion CEO

Nukri Basharuli

Head of G‑Core Labs Cloud Platform Department

Vsevolod Vayner

“We’re happy to be Aggregion’s partners and we understand the requirements for protecting the sensitive data of our partner’s clients in finance, retail, telecom, media, and other industries. That is exactly why we now support the Intel SGX encryption standard”

Head of G‑Core Labs Cloud Platform Department

Vsevolod Vayner

How to connect cloud servers with Intel SGX support?

Virtual machines and bare-metal servers with Intel SGX support are already available in Moscow, Luxembourg, and Ashburn, and will soon come to Singapore and Khabarovsk.

Use our cloud infrastructure to comfortably build your products, operate them safely, and grow quickly.

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