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Gcore CDN accelerates WordPress websites

Content Deliver Network (CDN) is about reducing the distance between your content source and website visitors by using geographically allocated caching servers. With more than 140 points of presence around the world, Gcore CDN is ready to cut down your page load time to significantly improve user satisfaction.

Content Deliver Network accelerates WordPress websites
  • Reduce initial server response time (TTFB)

    Reduce initial server response time (TTFB)

    With a large number of peering partners and intelligent request routing, Gcore CDN has 30 ms average latency around the world.

    It gives you the opportunity to cut down initial server response time for your WordPress website.

  • Reduce page load time

    Reduce page load time

    Our caching servers are located closely to your users so all their requests will be served faster.

    The shorter distance means we can deliver more data per second to minimize the page load time.

  • Reduce size of transferring files

    Reduce size of transferring files

    Brotli and Gzip compression algorithms significantly lower the size of text files. Using Brotli, you can decrease LCP metric from 2.8 to 1.9 seconds.

    WebP conversion can provide up to 3 times smaller file size compared to PNG.

Optimized website speed drives user engagement

Fast webpages make SEO better

Search engine rankings are heavily influenced by website behavioral factors, which you cannot improve alone, providing users with slow website pages. To measure and improve user experience on the web, Google revealed Core Web Vitals, the key website performance metrics you need to follow.

Gcore CDN helps your WordPress website increase its Core Web Vitals score and, in turn, reach a higher SERP ranking.

CDN helps your WordPress website reach a higher SERP ranking

WordPress caching plugin for simple CDN setup

Gcore WordPress plugin helps you install CDN on your website with no additional effort. It automatically updates links to the caching content in your website code.

How to set up a CDN for a WordPress site:

  • 1.Sign up to Gcore
  • 2.Create a new CDN resource
  • 3.Install the plugin on your WordPress website
  • 4.Specify the domain in the plugin
  • 5.Set type/folder/exceptions for caching files
Gcore plugin
WordPress caching plugin for simple CDN setup

Connect CDN using nameservers

Another way to simplify the CDN installation on your WordPress website is to use nameservers to route traffic through the CDN. Creating new CDN resource, you can choose Accelerate and protect entire site and start the wizard that helps you perform configuration in just a few clicks.

This approach provides you with additional value: all static and dynamic content of the website will be secured at layers L3 and L4.

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Connect CDN using nameservers

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