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When traffic increases, provide your customers with the best user experience
Use optimal application load balancer. Add new computing resources to which the balancer can automatically transfer the load. Apply load balancers to guarantee low latency and high throughput, as enable high availability of your apps.
Based on your needs
We support two types of load balancers as well as both inbound and outbound scenarios (internal and external traffic to virtual instances, bare metal, or members outside our Cloud). You can select a suitable load balancer based on your application needs and protect private networks using built-in network address translation.
Load Balancer at the application layer (L7) (HTTP/HTTPS)

It supports path-based routing. Requests can be routed to one or more ports in each instance of your cluster. L7 makes more intelligent routing decisions based on the content of the messages. It is needed when content is important, such as redirecting users to the correct language localization or media type.

Load Balancer at the network/transport layers (L3/L4) (TCP/UDP)

It can handle thousands of requests per second. After receiving a connection, it selects a target from the target group for the default rule using a flow hash routing algorithm. It attempts to open a TCP connection to the selected target on the port specified in the listener configuration. The requests are forwarded without modifying the headers. L3/L4 balancer does not read into the content and is more efficient for simple packet-level load balancing, forwarding messages securely and quickly.

Features and advantages
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