Easily deploy, manage, and scale your Kubernetes clusters with a 99.9% SLA.

Kubernetes management tools

are complicated. But not ours.


    Scale your infrastructure quickly for growing and increasingly complex applications.


    Containerize app microservices, migrate them, and run them within our infrastructure.

    Testing Environment

    Deploy a development and testing infrastructure with the help of containers.

Advantages of our

Kubernetes management platform

    No added cost for managed solution

    Pay only for worker nodes (as virtual machines and volume) and network resources (load balancer and floating IPs). Egress traffic for VM nodes is free.

    Support for Bare Metal nodes

    Run containers on bare metal servers to further improve performance and latency.

    Automated control

    The service continuously monitors the health of your nodes, updating and restarting them automatically if necessary.

    Secure connections

    All connections between the master node and the nodes within a cluster are automatically encrypted.

    Automated scaling

    Clusters can automatically increase or decrease the number of nodes in your pool (a group of instances that have the same configuration and run in the same cluster).

    High availability

    Each cluster dashboard is duplicated to ensure that the cluster is always available.

    DDoS protection

    Your projects are protected from DDoS attacks at the network and transport layers by default.

    Convenient setup

    Configure cluster nodes via the cloud dashboard or API for free.

    24/7 technical support

    Quick real-time assistance and quality technical service around the clock.

How it works

See how Gcore's Managed Kubernetes Platform operates

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