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Predefined rules

These rules allow you to activate compliance standards and security configurations that are built into our Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Predefined rules are designed to provide the baseline level of security without requiring any setup or customization. You just need to enable or disable the rule by clicking on a toggle next to it.

Our predefined rules are:

  • Force www connections: Require all incoming requests to use the "www" subdomain to standardize URL access to your site.

  • Custom robots.txt file: Manage common web crawlers’ interaction with your domain by specifying which parts of your website can be accessed.

  • Pseudo-streaming: Enable HTTP pseudo-streaming in Flash players so that users can get any part of a video file before it's fully downloaded.

  • Referrer protection: verify request origins and only allow requests from domains that comply with the requirements specified in these predefined rules.

WAAP rules page with the highlighted predefined rules

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