Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical data usage of the Field Connect App?

A typical message is approximately 8Kbytes. The size of a message can vary a little depending on the type, but you should use this a the rule-of-thumb.

Therefore, if you are in tracking mode, sending a position report every hour, for 8 hours a day, for 20 days a month, then you will consume approximately 1.2Mbytes from your data plan in that month.

Can anyone sign-up for the Fieldwork in Complex and Hostile Places (FCHP) course?

Yes you can – at the full course fees. If you are a student at the University of Melbourne, this course is offered as a full credit subject towards your qualifications. Further details can be found here: ==> click here to access the FCHP page

How do I leverage the assistance of your Advisory Board Members?

Due to the busy schedules of our Advisory Board Members, GCORE will facilitate all initial communication with them. If you are interested in seeking advice or assistance from them, please Contact Us.

If I purchase the Field Connect App and declare an emergency, what happens?

After purchasing one of the Field Connect App tiers, GCORE will provide you with a form to complete. This form will request the emergency contacts you would like to nominate and how they should be contacted (e.g. SMS, email, phone). These emergency contacts are entered into the back-end of the Field Connect Platform so that if you declare an emergency, the contacts will be notified. There are no limits to how many contacts you can nominate.

Note: If there is no network coverage at time of SOS, then the App will continue to try and send a message every 10 seconds. It is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure they have the right device for the network coverage of the country in which they will be.

I am a University or organisation interested in obtaining the GCORE products and services. Can I purchase a corporate membership for my students and staff?

Yes – GCORE’s mission is to safeguard the lives of people working or travelling offsite and overseas. Therefore, if we can provide the training, tools and knowledge such that Universities and organisations can more efficiently and effectively meet their duty of care, then we are one step closer to achieving our mission.

To find out more or arrange a meeting, please Contact Us.