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IP addresses

All ordered dedicated or virtual servers are provided with one IPv4 address and one IPv6 address.
If you need more IPv4 addresses or IPv6 addresses, you can order them using instruction for virtual or dedicated servers. You can order up to 15 IPv4 and IPv6 address for dedicated servers and up to 10 IPv4 and IPv6 address for virtual servers. The prices for the service are are listed below.

Service name Price, €/month
Additional IPv4 address for dedicated server (1 included, 15 maximum) 2
Additional IPv4 address for VDS (1 included, 10 maximum) 2.4
Additional IPv6 address for dedicated server (1 included, 15 maximum) 0.16
Additional IPv6 address for VDS (1 included, 10 maximum) 0.16

Services are provided upon availability of technical facilities.

Virtual and dedicated servers can be upgraded.

Virtual server

The virtual server upgrade is possible only by changing the billing plan. It is not possible to separately increase, for example, the amount of memory or the number of vCPUs. However, you can switch to the new configuration for free. You can choose a more advanced billing plan from the available options.

Dedicated server

The dedicated server upgrade is a bit different. You can improve particular technical characteristics:

  • Add 2 additional 10 Gbps ports
  • Add extra RAM, HDD, SSD, and RAID

This is a paid service for dedicated servers—you will need to pay an installation fee. You can contact technical support about this fee.

To find out about the technical feasibility of upgrading your virtual and dedicated servers, please submit a support request through a ticket in your personal account.

Get more details in our article “Upgrading virtual and dedicated servers”.

VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)

For some projects, secure data transfer at the data-link level between your server and the gateway on the Internet is crucial. Another possibility is that you might need decent speed and require a large amount of information to be transferred between several of your servers. For such purposes, you can use our cost-effective and convenient solution—a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN).

You’ll be able to connect your servers within a single virtual local network using second NICs. The servers will interact directly at the link level, even if they are physically connected to different network switches. The same is true vice versa, and they will be invisible to servers of other clients at the link level.

To get information about the possibility of connecting your servers to VLAN, order a connection, and get any other information, create a ticket in the control panel (Support > Requests section).

Service nameInstallation costPrice ($/month)

The service can be provided only for dedicated servers, if technically available.

Dedicated VLAN

Dedicated VLAN is suitable for those who are worried about their IP address security and want to prevent any influence of “location neighbors” on their servers.

Dedicated VLAN provides additional options:

  • Enabling DDoS Protection (check the availability of the service with technical support in your location).
  • Using a separate subnet, not just the addresses attached to the server.
  • Using a DHCP server.

None of these services can be enabled without a dedicated VLAN.

Service nameInstallation costPrice ($/month)
Dedicated VLAN19.9919.9

Prices include VAT.


Allows the use of addresses from one subnet in the dedicated VLAN. Prefixes from /28 to /24, used only in conjunction with a dedicated VLAN.

Service nameInstallation costPrice ($/month)
Subnet /28Free36.80
Subnet /27Free73.60
Subnet /26Free147.20
Subnet /25Free294.40

Prices include VAT.

BGP - IP address announcement

Announcement allows you to use your IP-addresses with our dedicated servers. There are two variants of announcement: on the equipment of the provider and on own equipment / software. If you have your own block of IP-addresses, we will provide its announcement on the Internet with our equipment. As a result, you can use your IP-addresses on a leased server.

In order to get information about the possibility configure BGP, ordering BGP and getting any other information, you need to create a ticket in your personal account in the section Support > Support tickets.

Service name Setup fee, €, one-time Price, €/month
Connecting BGP 20 -
Support BGP (IP address announcement) - 30

Total first month will cost 50 €, the cost from the second month - 30 € per month.

Services are provided upon availability of technical facilities and only for dedicated servers

One BGP service for one Dedicated server

Please note that one BGP service is provided for only one dedicated server. For use on another dedicated server, you need to order extra BGP service (two dedicated servers — two BGP services, three dedicated servers — three BGP services, etc.)

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Allows you to use your IP-addresses with our dedicated servers

The BGP protocol is designed to exchange information about the reachability of subnets between autonomous systems (AS-autonomous system), that is, groups of routers under a single technical and administrative control that use the intra-domain routing protocol to define routes within themselves and the interdomain routing protocol for determining routes delivery of packages to other AS. The information transmitted includes a list of ASs that are accessible through this system. The choice of the best routes is based on the rules adopted in the network.


Each dedicated server is connected by default with two network cards to different switches, we recommend using the link aggregation control protocol (LACP) to get a fault-tolerant scheme. This service is chargeable and has a setting price, you can order it in personal account in the section Support > Support tickets.

Service name Setup fee, €, one-time Price, €/month
Configure LACP 10 1

Services are provided upon availability of technical facilities and only for dedicated servers.

Link aggregation control protocol (LACP)

Multiple physical channels combined into one logical network

Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) is a protocol designed to combine several physical channels into one logical network in Ethernet networks. Aggregated LACP channels are used both to increase throughput and improve fault tolerance. Using LACP in some cases may be a corrupted channel that would not be detected using normal static aggregation.

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