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How to choose an SSL certificate
SSL certificates provide security for the transfer of personal data, passwords, and bank card numbers between a website and a user. There are different certificates for different purposes.
SSL brands
SSL certificate types
DV certificate with domain validation
This certificate is tied to your domain name and provides reliable data encoding for your website.
A DV certificate is issued within 5 minutes.
Online store
OV certificate with organization validation
This certificate is required for e-commerce and online sales.
An OV certificate identifies the website owner and contains a company name. Fraudsters will not be able to pass the validation check and get this certificate.
Once this certificate is obtained, a company name is displayed in the browser bar. Such websites are more trustworthy for visitors.
Domain and subdomain
IDN certificate
This certificate supports domains in national languages.
If your website domain name does not contain Latin characters, you need to get an IDN certificate.
Mail server
Wildcard certificate
This certificate allows the usage of SSL encryption for a domain and its subdomains.
Subdomains must have the same second-level domain name (i.e.

SSL certificate prices

SSL Certificates Comparison Comodo Positive SSL RapidSSL Comodo Essential SSL Thawte SSL123 Thawte SSL Web Server Comodo Essential SSL WildCard RapidSSL Wildcard
99.9% Browser Ubiquity
Encryption 128/256 Bit 128/256 Bit 128/256 Bit 40/256 Bit 40/256 Bit 128/256 Bit 128/256 Bit
2048 bit root keys
SSL Brand Comodo Trust Logo Rapidssl Trust Logo Comodo Trust Logo Thawte Trust Logo Thawte Trust Logo Comodo Trust Logo Rapidssl Trust Logo
Validation Level Domain Validation Only Domain Validation Only Domain Validation Only Domain Validation Only Company Validated Domain Validation Only Domain Validation Only
Wildcard certificates
Warranty Level 10,000 $ 10,000 $ 10,000 $ 10,000 $ 5,000 $
Free Additional Server Licenses
Internationalized Domain Names
Unlimited re-issuance
Price for year €13Buy €15Buy €20Buy €40Buy €79Buy €124Buy €140Buy

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Satisfied customers

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