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How to reduce video broadcasting costs

Media Platform by Gcore is a versatile solution for uninterrupted delivery of live broadcasts and on-demand video worldwide.

This is our own development, with advanced features under the hood and distribution of media content via a superfast global CDN.

Broadcast live for free or at a better price

Every month you can broadcast 1,000 minutes of video via our media platform completely free of charge.

If you broadcast almost every day, choose one of the new plans. The amount of benefit you can get depends on the number of minutes you broadcast.

If you broadcast 24/7 from several channels for more than 90,000 minutes a month, we will offer you individual terms of connection.

How to reduce video broadcasting costs

Show video on demand for free or at a better price

By connecting Media Platform, you can show 20 GB of video a month completely free of charge.

To distribute large amounts of video, select one of the paid plans. The amount of benefit you can get depends on the amount of video content being broadcasted.

If you transfer more than 2 TB of video every month, we will also offer you individual terms.

How to reduce video broadcasting costs

Trial period conditions

You can start by testing Media Platform free of charge for 14 days on a trial basis. After you complete a sign-up process, we will provide 1 stream, 1 restream, 300 GB of CDN traffic for live streaming or 10 GB of video storage and 300 GB of CDN traffic for video on demand.

To ensure uninterrupted broadcasting worldwide, we deliver all media content only via CDN. So be sure to select the appropriate CDN plan prior to connecting Media Platform.

Connect Media Platform for free and broadcast to the world on new, super favorable terms.

Connect Media Platform for free

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