Gcore Referral program terms

G-Core Labs S.A., a Luxembourg company with its registered office at 2A, Rue Albert Borschette, L-1246, Luxembourg («Gcore» or «Company») offers you the opportunity to earn rewards by referring friends, colleagues, and partners to try the services of Gcore («Services»). Your participation in the Gcore Referral Program («Program») can earn you Payouts and may also get you additional rewards. We reserve the right to terminate the Program at any time for any reason. The Program is administered by the Company, which may outsource certain elements of administration to third parties.

These terms («Terms») apply to a user’s participation in the Program. By participating in the Program, referrers agree to use the Program as outlined herein, and consistent with any other terms we may apply to the Program. If you do not agree to these Terms in their entirety, then you cannot register and participate in the Program.

Users who refer others to the program are «Referrers»; those who are referred are «Referred Customers». Referrers may be eligible to receive «Payouts» for a qualified referral. Referrers must be legally able to participate in the Program, and must be (1) at least the age of majority where they reside, (2) have an existing, valid Gcore user account, and (3) are otherwise in good standing. When registering for the Program, Referrers must use the same email address that is registered with their existing Gcore user account. Gcore reserves the right to determine if a Referrer’s user account is valid based on criteria that includes, but is not limited to, account activity, ownership, and business affiliation of the user’s email address domain. This Program is void where such referral programs are prohibited.

Employees of the Company or its subsidiaries, affiliates, including immediate family and household members, as well as the Company’s sales agents, are not eligible.

You will be provided a link which you can share with your friends and colleagues as much as you want.

If a user uses your personal link and signs up, you will receive a Payout worth 12% of the fees actually received by the Company from the first purchase made by Referred Customer. The Payout applies only to products and services mentioned as part of the Program.

The minimum Payout is EUR 500.00. Every 45 days (starting from the day you joined the program), we will check whether the threshold was met and then within 15 days instruct the payment if necessary. The Payout can be made in euros only. If your bank allows it, the amount can be converted into other currencies based on a rate determined by your bank. All conversion fees are borne by the Referrer. The Payout can be wired to the Referrer’s bank or PayPal account upon issuance of an invoice.

Upon signing up for the Program, Referrers will be added to a system for receiving the Payout. Each Referrer will be able to check his/her/their status regarding referrals by logging in to his/her/their account and checking the Referral Status. Referrers must respect the spirit of the Program by not engaging in spamming or other unfair or otherwise problematic practices, including creating fake accounts or harassing potential referral sources.

Payout will be awarded for Qualified Referrals who meet the following conditions:

  • The Referred Customer must use the Personal Link from a Referrer in good standing with Gcore.
  • If a Referred Customer receives more than one Personal Link, Gcore will provide the Payout to the person whose Personal Link is used to complete the Gcore registration process regardless of when the Personal Links were sent. If a Referred Customer registers for the upgraded service using any other method, the registration will not count as a qualified referral and the Referrer will not earn the Payout;
  • The Referred Customer may not combine the link with any other monetary offer;
  • The Referred Customer must not be registered with the Company, and must not have been previously registered with the Company under any email address or alias for at least 12 months;
  • The Referred Customer must be eligible to create a Gcore account and otherwise be qualified.

Payouts to one Referrer are limited to EUR 12,000.00 (twelve thousand) of Payouts per year.

Payouts are subject to verification and will generally be awarded within 30 days of verification. Gcore may withhold a Payout if it reasonably believes additional verification is required. Gcore may also withhold or invalidate any potential Payout it deems fraudulent, suspect, or in violation of these Terms, or if Gcore in its sole discretion believes awarding a Payout or verifying and approving a transaction will impose liability on Gcore, its subsidiaries, affiliates or any of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, and agents.

All Gcore decisions are final and binding, except where prohibited, including decisions as to whether a qualified referral or Payout is valid, when and if to terminate the Program, and whether, if at all, to change the Program. Any changes to the Program will be sent via email to the Referrer and will become effective as of the date the email is sent. If a Referrer has referrals pending qualification at the time that updates are sent, those pending referrals shall be validated and Payouts given under the terms that were valid at the time the Referred Customer signed up.

Except where prohibited, Referrers agree that by participating in the Program, they agree: (1) to be bound by these Terms, the decisions of Gcore, and privacy policies; (2) to release and hold harmless Gcore and their respective parent companies, affiliates, and subsidiaries, together with their respective employees, directors, officers, licensees, licensors, shareholders, attorneys, and agents including, without limitation, their respective advertising and promotion entities and any person or entity associated with the production, operation, or administration of the Program (collectively, the «Released Parties»), from any and all claims, demands, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, or expenses caused by, arising out of, in connection with, or related to their participation in the Program (including, without limitation, any property loss, damage, personal injury, or death caused to any person (s) and/or the awarding, receipt, and/or use or misuse of the Program or any Payout); and (3) to be contacted by Gcore via email.

Except where prohibited by law, the Released Parties shall not be liable for: (1) late, lost, delayed, stolen, misdirected, incomplete, unreadable, inaccurate, garbled or unintelligible entries, communications, or affidavits, regardless of the method of transmission; (2) telephone system, telephone or computer hardware, software or other technical or computer malfunctions, lost connections, disconnections, delays, or transmission errors; (3) data corruption, theft, destruction, unauthorized access to or alteration of entry or other materials; (4) any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind resulting from acceptance, possession, or use of a Payout or from participation in the Program; or (5) any printing, typographical, administrative, or technological errors in any websites or materials associated with the Program. Gcore disclaims any liability for damage to any computer system resulting from participating in, or accessing or downloading information in connection with this Program, and reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to cancel, modify, or suspend the Program should a virus, bug, computer problem, unauthorized intervention, or other causes beyond Gcore’ control corrupt the administration, security, or proper play of the Program.

Except where prohibited, the Released Parties shall not be liable for failure to supply any Payout or any part thereof, by reason of any acts of God, any action (s), regulation (s), order (s), or request (s) by any governmental or quasi-governmental entity (whether or not the action (s), regulations (s), order (s), or request (s) prove (s) to be invalid), equipment failure (s), threatened terrorist acts, terrorist acts, air raid (s), blackout (s), act (s) of public enemies, earthquake (s), tornado (s), tsunami (s), war (s) (declared or undeclared), fire (s), flood (s), epidemic (s), explosion (s), unusually severe weather, hurricane (s), embargo (s), labor dispute (s) or strike (s) (whether legal or illegal), labor or material shortage (s), transportation interruption (s) of any kind, work slow-down (s), civil disturbance (s), insurrection (s), riot (s), or any other similar or dissimilar cause (s) beyond any of the Released Parties’ control.

As a condition of entering the Program, and unless prohibited by law, Referrers agree that under no circumstances will they be entitled to any awards for any losses or damages, and Referrers hereby waive all rights to claim punitive, incidental, consequential, and any other damages, and waives any and all rights to have damages multiplied or otherwise increased. A waiver of rights may not apply to you in your jurisdiction of residence. Additional rights may be available to you.

Gcore reserves the right to cancel or suspend this Program should it determine, in its sole discretion, that the administration, security, or fairness of this Program has been compromised in any way.

Except where prohibited, disputes, claims, and causes of action arising out of or related to this Program or any prize awarded shall be resolved under the laws of Luxembourg. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the present contract shall be finally settled under the Rules of Arbitration of the Arbitration Center of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce by three arbitrators appointed in accordance with said rules.

Referrers agree that they will not violate any of these Terms or otherwise engage in activity that could be considered harassment toward other users. Referrers agree not to use the Program to:

  • Violate the intellectual property rights of Gcore
  • Spam or otherwise create bulk distributions of the Personal Link that are inappropriate
  • Collect or attempt to collect personal data about users or potential Referred Customers
  • Engage in any actions that are designed to disrupt or undermine the Program
  • Make attempts to gain unauthorized access to the software or the Program for any reason
  • Transmit files that contain bots, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or any other file that could contaminate or otherwise destroy Gcore intellectual property or stop the function of the Services
  • Engage in illegal or unsportsmanlike activities
  • Engage in behavior designed to annoy or harass others - Engage in actions that disparage, malign, or call into question the reputation of Gcore, in Gcore’s sole discretion.

Gcore may prohibit anyone from participating in the Program or receiving a Payout if they determine such a user is attempting to undermine the fairness, integrity, or legitimate operation of the Program in any way by cheating, hacking, deception, or any other unfair playing practices or intending to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any other Gcore users (whether or not enrolled in the Program) or representatives of Gcore. The use of any automated system to participate is strictly prohibited and, if discovered, will result in disqualification. Gcore reserves the right to disqualify anyone, cancel Payouts, disable or suspect an account, and contact legal authorities (including law enforcement) if it should discover a user is tampering with the entry, referral process, or operation of the Program or violating these Terms. Referrals generated by a script, macro, or other automated means will be disqualified. If a solution cannot be found to restore the integrity of the Program, we reserve the right to cancel, change, or suspend the Program.

Participation in the Program may require a Referred Customer and/or a Referrer to submit personal information about themselves. The personal information will be collected, processed, and used in accordance with Gcore’ Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement which can be found at https://gcore.com/legal/.

We reserve the right to modify or amend at any time these Terms and the methods through which Payout is earned. We reserve the right to disqualify any Referrer at any time from participation in the Program if he/she does not comply with any of these Terms. Gcore’s failure to enforce any term of these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.

The content, information, links, and functionality of this website are provided «as is» and «as available» and without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation warranties of non-infringement of third party rights, title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and freedom from a computer virus or other harmful components. Without in any way limiting the prior sentence, Gcore does not make any representation or warranty that (1) the content and information of this website is accurate, secure, complete, or otherwise free from errors and omissions, or that (2) the links and other aspects of the website are functional.