Keeping field researchers and lone workers effective, efficient and safe while deployed.

GCORE’s Deploy module combines products and services to locate and track field or lone workers in real time, keep them connected to their communities, and provide a safety net in dangerous situations.

A core offering in the Deploy module is GCORE’s real-time tracking, monitoring and communications platform, Field Connect. Downloadable as an App onto your smartphone or used via a satellite device, Field Connect lets you check in, connect with others or trigger an emergency alert to your chosen point of contact. Organisations can use Field Connect to locate and communicate with their field or lone workers, allowing them to be independent and autonomous but not alone.

Flexible plans allow for different service levels, and different modes of tracking.

Products and services

  • Field Connect platform to connect and SOS from anywhere in the field, and allow administrator tracking. Read more about Field Connect
  • GTracks – Coming Soon: GCORE’s tracking and monitoring service for aound the clock. Read about GTracks
  • Medical and Security Assistance – Coming Soon: medical and security assistance, evacuation and repatriation services. Find out about these services

Benefits include

  • Support and assistance in the field
  • Choose your mode of tracking and monitoring
  • Flexible plans