Real time video & WebRTC

Infrastructure for video calls and conferencing inside your apps. Scale to 100+ thousand viewers and beyond.

  • $0

    1K minutes at no cost

  • 100K+ Viewers

    Scalable solution and restreaming

  • Web, IOS, Android

    Simple SDK and API

Workflow ready

Scale with us, if you have your own WebRTC solution.

And use our infrastructure with open source demos, if you need to build a new real-time video conferencing service from scratch.

Build real-time communication into your Web, iOS, Android, React Native apps.



  • 1-to-1 video call
  • 300+ participants video call
  • Screen sharing and presentation
  • Chat with history
  • Moderation and management of participants
  • Unlimited call time (>40 minutes)
  • Your logo and branding
  • Interpreters for 15+ languages
  • Recording
  • Restreaming to social network
  • Streaming to 100K+ viewers via cheap CDN traffic

Ready to get started?

No credit card required. 14 days free trial

Simple steps to start

Step 1
Generate ID of the room

Input any name of the room you wish

Input any name of the room you wish
Step 2
Init the room

Initialize the room in code of Web Demo

Initialize the room in code of Web Demo
<iframe src="" allow="camera; microphone; fullscreen; display-capture; autoplay;screen-wake-lock" ></iframe>
Step 3
Give permission to use cam & mic

SDK will ask or a permission to use cam and mic, and will prepare all necessary actions to work with them. We prepare adaptive bitrate for devices and bandwidth automatically. wants to

Use Your camera

Use Your microphone

Look at our open source demos & howto:

Step 4
Copy the link and send to a friend
iFrame =
<iframe allow="fullscreen; display-capture; camera; microphone; autoplay; screen-wake-lock" src=""></iframe>

Why Gcore?


Video conerencing for 2 – 100,000 participants

No-code or...

API & SDK for web, iOS/Android, enterprise web VS portal

Improvements to your requirements

Compliance with enterprise security policies

Worldwide CDN & Cloud ƒrom same provider


Not easy integration of various services

Billing for everything x3


License per host

Not the optimal cost of webinars for 300+ participants


Legacy SDK

No custom improvements

Frequently Asked Questions

Bare metal servers are physical servers that are reserved exclusively for you. Unlike with shared servers or VPS, you’re not sharing the server’s resources with any other clients.

If you need a RAM upgrade, storage replacement, or any other hardware changes, submit a ticket with our Sales team. They’ll be in touch with the best solution for your specific inquiry.

By default, you get one IPv4 address per server.

You may create private networks between bare metal servers and virtual machines, as well. Creating this is free of charge, as is the internal traffic.

Yes. Our cybersecurity stack allows you to mitigate DDoS attacks targeting your servers. We can offer you various protection tiers:

Basic. Always-on protection for each customer. Reflection attacks: DNS, NTP, SSDP, MSSQL, LDAP, SNMP, CharGen, Memcache, Echo, RIP, ARMS. Traffic threshold: 5 Gbps—if traffic is higher, IP address will be blocked automatically for 12 hours. After that point IP address will be unblocked.

Advanced. We offer our clients a set of presets for fine-tuning protection against DDoS-attacks. For more details, see DDoS Protection for Servers.

We can offer you a trial period. Submit a ticket with our Sales team for this option. At the end of your trial period, by default, you will be switched to the default public pay-as-you-go plan.

Individual pricing is usually possible when ordering multiple servers or when prepaying for 12+ months. Submit a ticket with our Sales team for more info.

By default, we provide Ubuntu, CentOS, or Windows Server. They are also available for auto-reinstallation via the control panel or API. Our users can also upload and install their own OS images.

Standard in-stock configurations will be deployed within 15–20 minutes. The availability of on-demand configurations depends on many factors. Please contact our team for the delivery date.

No. In case of failure, you may interact through the serial console in the customer portal or create a ticket with our support.