Ping. Server is not responding to ping

The Great Firewall of China

If you can't reach IP from China, this IP might be blocked by the Great Firewall. You can use the following services to check the connectivity.
PingChinaz , shows a connectivity status solely in China , shows a worldwide (including China) connection status

We cannot guarantee the proper work of our service in China because of China network peculiarities. The Great Firewall blocks IPs randomly however and you may solve this issue by purchasing additional IPs.  

Network Settings

If you installed an OS via ISO, you need to set up the network configuration. Otherwise, an IP won’t be available. You can find the required settings in hosting panel: choose your server and click on the «IP-addresses» button.

The example of network configuration for the IP
Default gateway
DNS resolver

Additional IPs

If you can’t ping an additional IP, make sure that you have configurated it on your server. The simplest way to configure additional IP is OS reinstallation.

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