Monetization. Configure ads in the Player

To add commercials, go to the Ads section and click on the New template button.


Specify your ad name and type:

Preroll plays before a video,

Middleroll — in the middle of a video,

Postroll — after the video,

Pauseroll — once the video is paused,

Repeatableroll — at the specified time (in seconds after the begging of the video).

We use VAST for ad integration.


Choose VAST in the drop-down list, copy an ad URL and click on the plus button.


If you want to play several ads one after another, add the URLs and activate the Show all ads' slider.


It is a paid feature. You can discuss the activation price with the account manager or send the request to the technical support via live chat or


To check the ad module, go to the demonstration page.


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