Auto payment. Configure and use Auto payment
Auto payment is a function that recharges the balance automatically. If you have no enough money on the balance to pay for the service, the system will take the required amount straight out of the bank card. There is a charge-off limit — you specify the maximum amount that can be charged off per month.
Auto payment only helps to pay for the tariff and cannot takes money for traffic overcommits. If your server has a tariff price of € 2/day and today you have € 0 on the balance, tomorrow the server will continue to work — Auto payment will simply takes € 2 from your card. But if today the server has exceeded the internet traffic limit (the tariff allowed 20 TB per month, and the server started spending 21st TB), tomorrow the server will stop working — there will be a debt that AutoPayment cannot satisfy. You would better to have some money on the balance for the case of overcommitment.
We always send notifications about traffic overcommitments. Having received it, check the balance: if there is no money enough to pay for the overcommitment, recharge the balance manually.

Option activation

Work features of auto payment

To enable this option: 

1. Open the "Billing" section in the personal account and click on the "Auto payment" tab.


2. Read the information about the option, then click "Configure". 


3. Set a maximum payment amount that will be debited from your bank card in case if on the account balance are not enough funds for services’ renewal. 


The system attempts to debit a bank card once a dayIf payment is failed, you will be sent a notification.

A recommended amount of funds in the "Maximum payment amount" field is set automatically. The amount is calculated based on expected expenses for the current services + 10%. You can specify the maximum payment amount by yourself. 

Note! If you click on the infinity icon or do not specify the sum, the amount of automatic payments will be unlimited.

After selecting the amount of the auto payment, click the “Confirm” button.

4. Confirm your bank card.  


Work features of auto payment

  • The system creates payments automatically. The payment will be generated if there is a lack of funds on the account balance and you need to pay for the service with auto-renewal or daily debiting.
  • After payment creation, the system performs a charge attempt. In case of failing the charge, you will see a notification from the system in the control panel.
  • Important! Auto payment does not cover traffic overcommit. To cover overcommit you should fill up your account balance manually. 
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