Create, edit or delete DNS-zone


Сreate DNS-zone

Before delegating the desired domain to our authoritative NS servers, create a DNS-zone in your personal account. To do this, click "Add zone" button in the "DNS" section.


Enter the name of your domain zone — it must match the domain you want to manage. Click "Create".


 The created DNS-zone will be displayed in the "All zones" section.


Edit DNS-zone

Go to the "All zones" section, open the menu of the desired DNS-zone and select "Settings".


The following dialog box will be opened:


The data in this box will be applied for the SOA-record of this zone:

  • domain name – the name of the zone;
  • negative TTL – the time in seconds for storage of knowledge that something does not exist, cannot, or does not give an answer. For example, if a recursive DNS-server is requested for an A-record for the, but this record is not registered on authoritative servers, then the server during the period specified in the Negative TTL field will respond to requests that this A-record doesn't exist, even if the record is added immediately after its absence is detected;
  • primary NS – the primary NS server that stores the domain zone file with information about all resource records;
  • contact – the field in which you can specify an administrator's email address who is responsible for managing this zone.

Delete DNS-zone 

Go to the "All zones" section, open the menu of the desired DNS zone and select "Delete zone". Confirm the deletion in the pop-up window.


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