Operation status. Check operation status of instanse

You can find the instance statues inside the project, in the "Instances" section, in the "Status" column


For instance in Cloud we have the following statuses:

  • Building — allocating resources to the VM. 
  • Power on — the VM is running.  
  • Power off - a virtual machine is powered off.  
  • Error — an error occurred when allocating resources. The machine cannot be allocated. 
  • Deleted — the VM was deleted.  

Instance cycles

  1. After creation, the Instance will have the "Building" status for the first few minutes. At this stage, the machine is allocated computing resources. 2.________.png
  2. After that, the server will automatically switch to the "Power on" status. This means that the machine is up and running. 3._________.png
  3. When the power is turned off, the instance switches to the "Power Off" status. 4._________.png
  4. If you initiate server deletion, all the ongoing operations are aborted and then the VM switches to the "Deleted" status. 5.__________.png

If an error occurs when allocating resources, the VM gets the "Error" status. if you get this status, you may contact technical support support@gcore.lu.

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