Cloud service. Open list of all actions in User actions

Gcore Cloud Action Logging is a service for logging client actions in the Cloud.

mceclip0.png Logs of user actions in Cloud are located in the User actions tab.

 The section has filters for:

  • ID (resource name), 
  • Project,
  • Action (performed with the resource), 
  • Group (type of resource). 

And also you can select the specific time gap

The selected information is displayed in the detailed table, the Central column contains information about the actions performed in the following format:

resource name (resource ID) | description of the action | project | user who performed the action

List of actions with resources which are being logged in Cloud: attachment, creation, deletion, detaching, downloading, hard reboot, reboot, request, resize, resumption, retyping, start, stop, suspending, updating.

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