CDN resources. How to search, filter and delete CDN resources

You can create a CDN resource and manage the resources that have already been created.


Create a CDN resource

Manage CDN resources

Create a CDN resource

To create a CDN resource, click the Create CDN Resource button.


For detailed instructions on setting up and creating a resource, see the article.


Manage CDN resources

Resource statuses

Resources can be in the following statuses:

active - a resource is ready to use. Content is available to users.

suspended - a resource is suspended. Content is not available to users.

in processing - CDN Resource was recently created and now is in processing.  It takes about 15 minutes to propagate the resource settings to all servers.

deleted - the resource has been deleted. Content is not distributed. You can only view statistics on a resource.


How to filter and search

By default, the CDN Resource tab displays only active and in-processing resources.  

For a better search of resources use:

filters by

  • resource statuses (active, suspended, processing, deleted or show all);

or search by

  • main or additional CNAME;
  • the resource ID.


Resource management options

You can manage a specific CDN resource directly from the list of CDN resources.

To do this, click on the three dots sign next to the required resource.

A list of possible options opens:

  • Settings - go to the resource settings.

Note! You can also go to the resource settings by clicking on the CNAME of the resource.


How to delete a resource

Users with the Administrators or Engineers rights can delete resources.

To do this, click on the three dots sign next to the desired resource and select Delete resource.


Confirm the resource deletion.


By default, deleted resources are not displayed in the list of resources. Use the filter to display them.


Deleted resources are displayed in the list of all CDN resources for 3 months, all this time statistics are available for them in the Reports section.

After deleting a resource, the CNAME of this resource is no more connected with a resource and it can be used to create a new CDN resource.

Note! The resources used for the Streaming service cannot be deleted.


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