Cloud service. Create, customize and manage a project

Create a project
Project settings
     • Roles of users in a project
     • Edit user's role and deny access to a project
     • Restore access to a project for a user
     • Invite a new user to a project
Project deletion

Create a project 

Projects are goal-oriented containers for the Cloud resources within which you can create instances, volumes, networks, and other resources you need. 

Every user already has a default project created automatically. This project cannot be deleted.  To create a new project, click the Create project button in the Projects tab. 


Enter a name and description of the project and click Create project.

Important! The Name and Description field lengths can be from 3 to 63 characters. Lowercase Latin letters, numbers, and hyphens are allowed. Name and Description should not end with a hyphen. 


The amount of your project doesn't affect the service price directly. Payment is calculated based on the resources used in the projects.

You can Open each project, go to its Settings or Delete it. To do this, click the three points icon next to the project you want to manage.

mceclip2.pngIf you click the Open button you will be redirected to the resources management panel.

Project settings

In the Settings section you can edit the project name and description, and configure access rights.


There are two tabs:

  • Settings — Here you can change the project name and description. The data will be changed after saving.
  • Access —  Here you can invite users and view all users who have access to the selected project.   


Roles of users in a project

Certain roles are assigned to all users in projects. Rights to manage settings, resources, and other users are set according to assigned roles.

All available roles, their descriptions, and the rights assigned to them are listed below.   




Account Owner (Administrator of the default project)

The user has full access to all the Gcore Cloud functionality (if not restricted within the quotas) for all projects. A user can create resources, projects, and manage users for any project.

All Gcore Cloud functionality for a client.


The user has full access to all the Gcore Cloud functionality (if not restricted within the quotas) only within their project and does not have access to other projects. A user can create resources, projects, and manage users within their projects.

All Gcore Cloud functionality for a client within their projects.


The user has access to a specific project. A user can manage resources, but can't create projects/manage users.

Resources management within a project.


The user has access to a specific project, except a default one. Read-only access. A user can only see resources without the ability to manage resources, projects, or users.

Read-only access to a project.

Internal Network
Only User

The user can create resources only in private networks and cannot in public ones

Resources management within a project,
restriction on the creation of resources in a public network.

Edit or delete user's role

If you have enough rights, you can regulate user rights. Click Edit to go to the user's settings.


You can change the user role in the column Role. There are available the following roles: User, Observer and Administrator. Save and confirm changes. 

To deny access to a project, click the Delete role button in the user settings. After confirming the deletion, a user will not be allowed to access the project. In the Access section of project settings, the user will be displayed with the Non-assigned role. 


Restore access to a project for a user

To invite a user to the project again, click Edit, change the user role to the required one and save the settings. 

Confirm the role reassigning.


After the changes the user will again have access to a project via the personal account.

Invite a new user to a project

If you are The Owner or Administrator of the project, you can add a new user. Click the Invite Users button.


In a pop-up window,  specify a user's email address and a role in the project. 

Click the Add another user button to add more users and click Send Invite.


Important! You can invite only users who were not previously registered in the Gcore system.

Invitations from will be sent to the addresses specified in the invitation.  

The invitation should be accepted by an invited user within 24 hours.

After accepting an invitation a user will be redirected to the password creation page. 

The password should consist of at least 8 characters and contain an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and at least one special character (for example, @,#,$,%,^).

To save the password click Join. In the pop-up notification, click Log in.


Then enter a created password and click Log in. The user's email address has already been entered automatically. 

Delete a project

If your user's role is Account owner or Administrator, you can delete projects. To do it, select Delete in the menu and confirm the deletion.


Note! The default project cannot be deleted.


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