Cloud service. Check quotas to number of ordered services, request more resources

In the Quotas section, you can find how much of the available resources (like RAM size, CPUs count, etc.) you're currently using as well as limits to it. Also, you can request more resources. We will consider your request within two business days and send an email — will write to you, whether the limit extension has been approved.


To request an increase in quota:

1. Go to the Quotas section.

2. Click the region where you want to request an increase in quota.

3. All quotes are grouped by categories. Click the desired category to open a list of resources included.

4. Press the + button in front of the resources for which you want to increase the quotas. 

5. Specify the new limits in the Selected resources section. For example, if you can create only 10 instances within the current quotas, and you want to create 13, specify the number 13 in the line Instances Dedicated Count.

6. Below, leave a comment for our technical support — write what you are requesting resources for — and click Send request.

Important! You can send only 10 quota requests not processed by the Support Team. Not processed requests mean that requests are in progress: not approved and not rejected. If there are more than 10 quota requests, you will see an error. In this case, please, contact the Support Team. 

Limit changes don't affect your payments. We charge only for the used resources.

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