Video Streaming Infrastructure for

Sport Broadcasting

Transform how you deliver live sports content to your viewers with our cutting-edge live sport OTT and TV broadcasting service. Engage global audiences, enhance viewer experience, and unlock new revenue streams with seamless, high-quality live streaming.

Key benefits

  • Low-latency content delivery in high-quality

    Enhance viewer experiences with live broadcasting, featuring just 0.5–4 seconds of latency.

  • Global reach

    Reach millions of sports fans worldwide with our scalable and reliable streaming infrastructure.

  • Multi-platform restreaming

    Simultaneously broadcast your live streams across multiple platforms, expanding your audience reach. 

  • Monetization

    Monetize your live sports content through advertising, subscriptions, and pay-per-view.

Reach your Audience worldwide

  • CDN points of broadcasting video to end-viewers (total capacity >100 million viewers)
  • Soon opening CDN points of broadcasting video to end-viewers

Uninterrupted low-latency broadcasting

Ensure smooth playback and optimal viewing experience across different devices and network conditions. Gcore Streaming Platform allows you to achieve low latency broadcasting with LL-HLS, LL-DASH, and HESP protocols:

  • HLS

    (basic HTTP Live Streaming) provides the industry standard of 8 seconds of latency.


    (Low-Latency Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) and LL-HLS (Low-Latency HLS) technologies reduce the delay to 4–5 seconds.

  • HESP

    (High Efficiency Streaming Protocol) can achieve an impressive 0.5 second delay.

Seamless playback with adaptive bitrate streaming

Experience a world where flawless content delivery meets ease of use. Reach viewers on Smart TVs, Set-Top Boxes, Web, iOS, Android, and consoles with high-quality broadcasting.

  • Smart adaptive bitrates (ABR) ladder

    Automatically adjust video quality based on each viewer’s internet speed, delivering content resolutions and bitrates including LQ, SD, HD, Full HD, Ultra HD, 4K, and 8K.

  • Fast encoding queue without limits

    We analyze each video for optimal encoding settings. Our own infrastructure and fast processing queue allow you to simply upload as many videos as you need, and we’ll take care of the encoding. 

  • Backup stream links

    Seamlessly switch to a backup stream if the master stream fails.

  • Restreaming

    Expand your reach and engage a wider audience by effortlessly restreaming your live sports content to popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

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Unlimited, feature-rich video hosting

Step into the future of content delivery with our unlimited, all-inclusive video hosting solution. Say goodbye to external storage solutions and third-party providers as you manage and catalog your content via an intuitive interface that provides unlimited VOD storage.

  • Broadcast recording

    Viewers can rewind broadcasts or watch recorded versions, and you can transcode into video on demand (VOD) automatically once the broadcast ends.

  • Unlimited VOD storage

    There’s no need to use external S3 or other storage—manage and catalog your content via a single, simple, user-friendly interface.

  • Automatic backup

    All video files are protected from loss with automatic backups. 

  • Broad format and codec support

    Wide range of supported containers and codecs, including H.264/AVC, HEVC, AV1, VP9, and Apple ProRes 422, are supported for upload and restream. 

  • Playlists

    Organize your video library and embed it on your site or restream to social networks.

Establish your brand with custom branding and monetization

Tailor the player to match your brand identity perfectly, offering a seamless viewing experience and establishing your brand as a credible content source.

  • Digital video ads

    Maximize engagement and revenue by serving targeted ads to your viewers. Customize ad placement, leverage real-time analytics, and implement AVOD monetization models. To overcome adblock challenges, we integrate client-side ad insertion (CSAI) and server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technologies.

  • Custom branding

    Create a unique and immersive viewing experience with custom branding options. Tailor the look and feel of your player, add branded colors and logos, and enhance brand recognition among your viewers.

  • Content protection

    Safeguard your valuable live sports content from unauthorized access and piracy. Implement robust security measures such as AES, HLS encryption, DRM (digital rights management), and watermarking to protect your streams and ensure content integrity.

Make your broadcasts interactive

Watching matches together raises emotions to a new level and prompts engaging live discussions. Gcore’s online video conferencing allows you to stream to millions of viewers with low latency, and allow your viewers to enjoy discussions as the match happens, taking their engagement to the next level.

Make your broadcasts interactive

Advanced analytics and integration

Gain valuable insights into viewer behavior, audience demographics, and engagement metrics using our powerful analytics tools. Uncover a deeper understanding of your audience, make informed decisions, and optimize your content strategy for maximum impact. Seamlessly integrate our streaming platform with third-party statistics by collecting or analyzing tools with our comprehensive API and SDK.

The Gcore Streaming Platform also enables codeless integration into your existing platforms and CMSs, making integrating video into your existing resources easy for deeper integration, customization, and management of the streaming platform.

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