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Why Gcore


Cloud, Edge, and AI Solutions

Gcore accelerates AI training, provides comprehensive cloud services, improves content delivery, and protects servers and applications.

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  • 0+

    points of presence worldwide

  • 0+

    peering partners

  • 0+

    Tbps - total network capacity

  • 0ms

    average response time worldwide

Gcore is the foundation for your global infrastructure, applications and business

Protect your website, application, and server against complex DDoS attacks.

  • Globally Distributed

    Our network consists of more than 180 CDN POPs and 25 Cloud locations.

  • Secure

    Everything we offer seamlessly integrates state of the art DDoS and web protection.

  • Edge Native

    All of our products natively integrate with each other, so your apps always run smoothly at the edge.

  • Flexible and Scalable

    We own our infrastructure, which allows us to tailor our systems to perfectly fit our customers' needs.

Control, scale and perform. Everywhere you need it.

Our core services:

  • Our core services:

Edge Cloud

A ready-made infrastructure for faster development around the world. Our cloud services will not only help you deploy projects at less cost, but also scale as your business grows.

    25+ core and edge locations
    20+ IaaS and PaaS services
    Private, hybrid, and on-premises cloud solutions
    L2 connectivity between bare metal and virtual instances
    AI Infrastructure
    Load balancers
    Managed Kubernetes
    Function as a Service
    Managed Logging
    Free egress traffic
    Management via API and Terraform
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  • wargaming
  • xsolla
  • jsdelivr
  • orange
  • avast

Meet our powerful global network

Your networks are at the core of delivering end-user experiences, supporting business initiatives. But often, the performance of your network traffic can be unpredictable due to intermediate networks outside of your control.

  • 200+

     Tbps total network capacity

  • 120+

    IXPs connected

  • 14,000+

    peering partners

  • Anycast & GeoDNS


Meet our network

Developer Friendly

Control the Edge Programmatically

  "flavor": "bm1-basic-medium",
  "image_id": "f01fd9a0-9548-48ba-82dc-a8c8b2d6f2f1",
  "interfaces": [
  "names": [
  "ddos_profile": {
    "profile_template": 29,
    "fields": []
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  • nvidia-partner
  • dell-partner
  • intel-partner

AI Infrastructure powered by GPU

Efficiently build, train, and deploy AI models

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AI Infrastructure powered by GPU

A simple way to control your Cloud

A control panel is integrated with all products: CDN, Streaming, Storage, Cloud, DDoS Protection, and DNS Hosting.
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The Cloud control panel is integrated with other infrastructure products: CDN, Streaming, Storage, DDoS Protection, and DNS Hosting.

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  • Origin shielding

    Prevent the origin from being overloaded during a traffic surge

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

    Issue an SSL certificate for free in order to deliver content over HTTPS


  • Origin groups

    Bind several origins to your CDN

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