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Why Gcore

Gcore Peering

Gcore Peering

Designed by experts in high load systems

  • 180+

    points of presence worldwide

  • 14,000+

    peering partners

  • 110+

    Tbps - total network capacity

  • 30 ms

    average response time worldwide

Gcore Peering Policy

Gcore is a rapidly growing content provider and relies on stable connections with short roundtrip times. We aim to provide customers with a first-class cloud infrastructure for computing, storing, protecting, and delivering content with delays of up to 30ms worldwide. Peering with us allows you the benefit of economic, performance and traffic control.

Peering requests must be submitted to Gcore through Gcore reserves the right to accept or reject a peering request in its sole discretion and may but has no obligation to explain the basis for its decision.

Before submitting a peering request, your network must have:

  • Publicly routable ASN
  • Publicly routable address space (at least one /24 of IPv4 and/or one /48 of IPv6 space)
  • Organization record completed in PeeringDB
  • NOC contact that must be available to pursue trouble ticket resolution
  • Presence at one or more common locations. Geographic relevance will be considered to minimize latency.

To peer with Gcore, you should meet the following technical requirements: Physical connection requirements

  • Peers must be able to interconnect at 10G/40G/100G speeds. Gcore supports both LR and ER optics.
  • Must be able to discuss capacity expansion and engage proactively in capacity planning at least once per year. In cases where interconnection between peers becomes congested or service is regularly degraded, Gcore expects peers to work expediently to resolve.
  • Up to date Maintainer, ASN, AS-SET, and Route/Route6 objects in an internet routing registry (IRR)
  • Must filter outbound route announcements
  • Must peer with both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Must announce consistent routes, or where applicable, geographically appropriate routes
  • Peers must not point default, reset/alter BGP next-hop, or advertise third party routes without authorization
  • Gcore does not have a minimum traffic requirement for public peering via IXPs, however this is subject specific market conditions.
  • Gcore will consider private peering with networks that maintain a minimum of 1Gbps in the dominant direction

Gcore operates peering on one autonomous system AS199524, which will advertise all Gcore routes and will provide access to all Gcore products. We have a selective peering policy and invite especially eyeball providers to peer with us for free, because we expect it to be a great benefit for your customers.

Each party will bear its own expenses of reaching the peering site and responsibility for any necessary licenses, authorizations, or other regulatory approvals.
Peering partner will make every effort to avoid malicious, illegal, or other undesirable content on its network. Gcore reserves the right to modify this peering policy and its requirements at any time.

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