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Why Gcore


Robust, Secure, and Certified Infrastructure

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Robust, Secure, and Certified Infrastructure

Globally distributed network

  • Global coverage

    180+ Edge and 25+ Cloud locations

  • High capacity

    110+ Tbps network

  • Interconnected

    14,000+ peering partners and 120+ IXPs

  • Direct connectivity

    Tier 1 ISPs

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Tier III and Tier IV data centers

Data centers are the heart of any infrastructure. The majority of Gcore’s points of presence are deployed in Tier III and Tier IV data centers, which offer the highest level of infrastructure reliability.

Dedicated server rooms and in-house technicians ensure uninterrupted operation in all key data centers.

Our data centers guarantee:

    Fault tolerance and redundancy
    High level of protection against intrusion
    Dual-powered and redundant components
    Multi-day autonomous operation

Premium server hardware

We use top-tier server components and communication equipment, eliminating human error and simplifying maintenance:

  • 100G/400G Ethernet
  • NVMe-based servers
  • Latest Intel Xeon CPUs
  • Latest AMD EPYC CPUs
  • APC power systems
  • Minkels server cabinets

Powerful AI acceleration hardware:

  • Nvidia A100/H100 GPUs

Reliability policies and procedures

Get benefits from fast webpage loading and lower initial server response time.

  • Policy framework

    Zero trust policy, automated E2E testing, canary and progressive deployments, and escalation strategies.

  • Data security

    Encryption for databases and files, IDS, and firewalling.

  • Access control

    Two-factor authentication, API token access, and certified operating systems.

  • Network security

    CORS headers, tokenization, and AES 128/256 encryption for video content.

  • Incident management

    Public postmortems and detailed procedural guidelines.

  • Data management

    Reliable storage, backup, and restore functions.

Secure and compliant

Understanding the imperative of security, we're committed to upholding the most rigorous industry standards to keep our customers and partners protected.  Our multi-level information protection infrastructure is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and compliant with PCI DCC and GDPR.

More about Gcore’s compliance

Gcore holds key certifications and adheres to international standards to ensure the highest level of security and data protection:

  • pci


    Gcore successfully passed the annual QSA audit, confirming its capability to handle payment data securely.

  • iso

    ISO 27001

    Through an independent audit, Gcore demonstrated a robust information security management system in line with ISO 27001 standards.

  • gdpr


    Committed to safeguarding personal data, Gcore complies with all GDPR requirements, relevant to any organization dealing with European data.

Sustainable by design

  • Resource efficiency

    Real-time demand tracking allows us to minimise waste by using only the necessary computational power, electricity, and server space.

  • Energy savings

    By optimizing resource usage, we reduce our energy consumption and lower our carbon footprint.

  • Lifecycle extension

    Efficient use of server resources extends their lifespan, reducing e-waste and the need for frequent hardware replacements.

  • Automated efficiency

    Self-regulating systems to optimise resource use further and reducing both cost and environmental impact.

Our team
Our team
Our team
Our team
Our team
Our team

Experienced team

Since 2014, we have built an expert team with in-depth knowledge of high-load, enterprise projects. All employees involved in the operation and development of infrastructure undergo regular training to ensure that our expertise remains at the forefront of the industry.

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Technology partners

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