Tariff. Change tariff of virtual server, increase traffic package

You cannot change one item in the tariff of your virtual server. But you can update the entire tariff: choose a new one, and we will make a replacement.

The tariff includes the location where the server is located, the number of vCPUs, the amount of RAM, the hard disk space, the OS, the limitation of the network bandwidth, and gigabytes of included traffic. They are listed in the server description.


Change your tariff in two steps:

  1. Choose a new tariff. Its location must match the location of your server, and its specifications must not be lower than the current ones.


  2. Write to technical support that you want to change the tariff. To do this, open the "Support tickets" section, click "Add" and specify the server ID and the desired tariff in the request.


We will change the tariff. Important details:

  • The data saved on the server will not be deleted, the server IP will not be changed.

  • We change the tariff on weekdays, but you can create a request any day.

  • Work on a tariff upgrade lasts 30-60 minutes, during this time the server will be unavailable: our employees will be changing its settings and rebooting it. The date and time of the upgrade can be agreed on in the chat. If you have no wishes for the time, we will upgrade your tariff during the day.
  • The tariff will be changed permanently, the old one cannot be returned.

  • If the new tariff includes more hard disk space than the previous one, new partitions will not be mounted automatically. You will need to expand the logical partitions of the disk inside the OS or create a new partition on your own.

  • The price of the server changes, the new price is listed in the description. Note: if the minimum order period (you choose it when ordering a server and pay it forward, listed in the "End date" column) is not expired, it will be decreased in proportion to the price change. Example: if you order a server at a price of $20/month, pay $60 for the first three months and change the tariff to another with a price of $40/month immediately, then the deposited money will only be enough for a month and a half of using a server with the new tariff. You will need to recharge the balance after that.


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