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Account settings
Account settings
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Account settings

Welcome to the Gcore account settings documentation page! Here we explain how the control panel is arranged and how to configure functions.

From the left-side menu, you can access in-depth documentation about your account and control panel:

  • Account – create an account for individuals or legal entities
  • Additional account – manage multiple accounts without re-authorization
  • Users – roles, role management
  • Password – change password, forgotten authorization credentials
  • Two-factor authentication – configure two-factor authentication
  • API tokens – generate and manage permanent API tokens
  • Notifications – configure which service notifications Gcore sends
  • Billing - trial conditions suggested by Gcore for different services, disable or resume a concrete service, country-specific VAT rates, specifying the correct tax location
  • Technical support - response time, get in touch with support
  • Status Page – service status, scheduled or emergency maintenance
  • Roadmap — provide feedback, suggest new features, follow development

If you have any questions or if there is an account-related topic that you think we’re missing, please leave a comment and our content team will address it.

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