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Welcome to the Gcore Hosting documentation page! Here we explain how to order, configure, and troubleshoot virtual and dedicated servers and additional services.

With Gcore Hosting, you can rent a physical or a virtual server to host your website, application, or other digital content accessible over the internet.

From the left–side menu, you can access in–depth documentation about Hosting:

  • Dedicated servers – selecting, purchasing, management, troubleshooting
  • Virtual servers – selecting, purchasing, management, troubleshooting
  • Other services – BGP, DDoS protection, link aggregation, SSL certificates
  • Account management – notifications, password management, two–factor authentication, user management
  • Payments – payment methods and procedures, troubleshooting payment errors, refunds, auto payment
  • Technical support – connect with the technical support team
  • API – server management via API
  • Become a reseller – information for Gcore resellers
  • Referral program – information about the Gcore referral program

If you have any questions or think we’re missing a topic, please leave a comment and our content team address it.

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