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About Gcore DNS

Gcore DNS overview

The DNS service allows you to create, update, and delete DNS records for your domain. To manage your domain configuration, follow these steps:

1. Create a domain zone in your account.

2. Specify Gcore name servers (ns1.gcorelabs.net and ns2.gcdn.services) in the domain settings on the registrar's website.

3. Configure DNS records in non-advanced or advanced mode

Interface modes: non-advanced and advanced

The DNS service interface offers two modes: non-advanced (for basic settings) and advanced. You can toggle between them on the page of any DNS zone.

Interface modes
Non-advanced mode Advanced mode
Add multiple values to one record at a time
Configure balancing by coordinates (Geo Proximity), Dynamic RRsets
Configure balancing by ASN, country, or continent (Geo DNS)
Configure integration with our CDN You cannot integrate records with the CDN. Still, you can edit records that were integrated previously. For example, if you integrated the record when creating a CDN resource with entire site acceleration, you can edit it afterward.

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