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Managed DNS
Managed DNS
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Gcore DNS overview

As a DNS provider, we offer customers two products: Managed DNS and Public DNS. Learn how DNS works in our blog post “on DNS.”

Managed DNS

Gcore Managed DNS is an authoritative DNS server for domain delegation. When delegating domains and creating a DNS zone, the following features are available:

DNS record management is available in two modes: non-advanced and advanced. Use non-advanced mode if you need to add a single DNS record without additional balancing settings. Use advanced mode if you want to add RRsets or set additional settings, such as balancing and Health Checks.

Public DNS

Gcore Public DNS provides free public DNS resolvers for converting names into IP addresses. You can use Gcore Public DNS instead of the resolvers provided by your internet provider to increase resolution speed and protect your domain from substitution.

Plans and features

Comprehensive plan information is available on the DNS Pricing page. Here are the major differences between plans:

Feature Free Pro Enterprise
Minimum TTL 120 s 30 s 1 s
Number of Dynamic RRset 1/zone Unlimited Unlimited
Dynamic RRset size 3 records/RRset 9 records/RRset Unlimited
Health Checks records 1 5 Unlimited
Health Checks frequency 300 s 60 s 10 s
Free trial - 14 days Individual terms

Functions not mentioned in the table are available on the same basis for all plans.

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