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Roadmap: Provide feedback, suggest new features, follow development

What is Roadmap?

Roadmap is a platform where you can submit requests for missing features and follow the development process of new features proposed by other community members. You can also leave feedback on new feature development and outcomes.

The following Gcore are featured in Roadmap: CDN, Managed DNS, Edge Cloud, Video Streaming, and Web Application Security.

Roadmap has three tabs: main page, products, and changelog.

Main page

When opening the main Roadmap page, you will see all created posts (or requests) for all products. You can view requests for a specific product only—e.g., Edge Cloud—by clicking on the name of that product at the top of the page.

Requests are divided into four columns:

  1. In Review: Requests made by community members but not yet reviewed by Product Owners (PO)
  2. Planned: Requests reviewed and approved by POs
  3. In Progress: Requests currently in a development stage
  4. Completed: Requests for which new features have been released
Roadmap page

You can click each post from the main page and view brief details about its development (its status, the Gcore developer who oversees the request, creation time, and the Gcore admin who created the post,) read comments, and upvote to show interest in the feature.



View requests for a particular product by selecting it in the “Products” tab/dropdown:


For example, if we select CDN, the following page will open displaying all relevant posts. Here you can range posts by necessary criteria (date, amount of votes, or status) or search for a particular post by typing keywords in the search bar.

All relevant posts


Under the “Changelog” tab, you can view all the latest Gcore releases, tag posts with reactions, and share via email, Twitter, or by simply copying the link.


What features do authorized and unauthorized users have?

Authorized and unauthorized users have different rights. Roadmap uses the same account as Gcore. You can sign in or sign up with email, SSO, Google, Apple, GitHub, and Microsoft.

Authorized Unauthorized
View comments + +
Vote + +
Check activities + +
Comment + -
Subscribe to posts + -
Switch a light/dark mode + -
View profile settings + -

Below, we will look at some of the available actions that require clarification.

How to create a new post

1. Click New post.

New post

2. Enter the title of your request, select a product, type a description, and click New post.

Create new post popup

Your post will appear in the “In Review” column.

How to subscribe to posts

Open the post for which you want to track activity and press Subscribe.

subscribe to posts

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