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Welcome to the Gcore CDN documentation page! Here we explain how to use, configure, and troubleshoot Gcore’s CDN.

CDN is a distributed content delivery network that allows your website to load faster in users' browsers, regardless of how far they are from the source server.

From the left-side menu, you can access in-depth documentation about CDN:

  • Getting started – create and integrate a CDN resource with your website, configure the source site to avoid conflicts with the CDN
  • Billing – how service costs are determined, how to pay for additional features
  • CDN resource options – configuration of various CDN resource options, such as caching, security, HTTP headers, CORS, optimization for delivering large files and images
  • Origin group – add and configure a group of origin websites from which the CDN resource will retrieve content
  • SSL certificates – add your SSL certificate, issue a free Let's Encrypt certificate
  • Purge – clear the CDN resource cache by specifying the URL, a regular expression, or the CDN resource whose entire cache will be cleared
  • Prefetch – preload content onto CDN servers
  • Logs – view and download free logs, enable the paid Row Logs option for more detailed information
  • Reports – statistics, including traffic volume, response codes, cacheable traffic percentage
  • Grafana, Terraform – Grafana plugin for CDN statistics, create and configure CDN resources using the Terraform plugin
  • Troubleshooting – typical issues may arise when using CDN and how to fix them yourself

If you have any questions or if there is a CDN-related topic that you think we’re missing, please leave a comment and our content team will address it.

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