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How the Streaming Platform interact with the CDN


How does our Streaming Platform distribute video content?

Our Streaming Platform distributes video content through the Gcore CDN network. Edge servers pull videos from storage or live streams from the media server and deliver them quickly to end users.

From which subdomain is your content distributed?

Content is distributed to viewers from a CDN resource subdomain name. When you create an account and activate the Streaming Platform, we create a subdomain in the format:


The clientID is a unique identifier for your account, which can be found in the General section under the "Client ID" field. For example, if your clientID is 12345, the subdomain for the Streaming Platform will be 12345.gvideo.io.

This subdomain is included in the URLs of all your videos or live streams uploaded to the Streaming Platform, such as https://12345.gvideo.io/cmaf/12345_00000/master.m3u8 (a link to a live stream) or https://12345.gvideo.io/videos/12345_ABcdefg123HiJ (a link to a VoD).

Change the default subdomain

If you want to change the default subdomain to set a custom domain name, configure geo-restrictions, or implement other settings, please contact our support team or your personal manager.

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