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Why Gcore


Infrastructure for

streaming video

Scale to 100+ million viewers and beyond. Stream everything from online games to online events reliably in minutes instead of months.

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  • $0

    Adaptive bitrate encoding at no cost

  • 180+points of presence

    Local and global infrastructure for Streaming, CDN and WebRTC

  • Removing the limitations and problems of your current solution

Get optimised streaming performance with ease

We support all aspects of streaming in one platform: upload, live ingest, transcode, record, store, process video using machine learning, delivery via CDN, multistream, embedded player, and playback.

Get optimised streaming performance with easeGet optimised streaming performance with ease

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Live Low Latency Streaming
    Live broadcasts for vertical and horizontal videos with low latency anywhere in the world
    Adaptive bitrate: any viewer, even with an unstable internet connection, will be able to watch a broadcast
    Seamless integration into a web application, website, or online service
Video Hosting
    Unlimited storage capacity for UGC or professional videos of any length
    Support for all popular standards and formats for transcoding, privacy protection, and playback
    VOD upload via API from your application or migration from external storage (e.g., FTP, S3)
WebRTC Ingest & Delivery
    Ultra-low latency content delivery
    WHIP for ingest
    WHEP for egress and playback
AI ASR & Content Moderation
    Automatic analysis of UGC videos without complex manual moderation
    Video analysis for nudity, offensive content, search for specified objects
    AI engine for VOD and Live scanning
    AI ASR: transcription & translation for both VOD and Live video content (beta)

Ready to get started?

14 day free trial

Geography of streaming services

Points of video hosting and receiving live streams currently available

CDN points of broadcasting video to end-viewers (total capacity >100 million viewers)

Points of video hosting and receiving live streams opening soon

CDN points of broadcasting video to end-viewers opening soon



    You get modern adaptive bitrate encoding at no cost
    Accurate calculation only for consumed resources (by minutes used)
    If you plan to stream more than 1M minutes per month, please contact our Enterprise Team for discounted pricing

Workflow ready

Video infrastructure as developers see it.

Just use a simple dashboard or integrate your mobile app, website, corporate CMS, or other software with an SDK and API.

Workflow ready

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