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Why Gcore

Streaming Platform Advanced Features

Streaming Platform

Advanced Features

A convenient service for quick integration, easy management, and solving any business tasks.


  • Live & Real-Time Streaming
  • Video Hosting
  • Group Video Calls
  • Video Encoding
  • Playback
  • AI ASR
  • Protection
  • AI Content Moderation
  • Video Analytics
  • Codeless Integration & API + SDK

Live & Real Time Streaming

Stream live broadcasts to any device with 0.5–4 seconds latency. Stream from any place in the world without investing in infrastructure.

  • Low-Latency Streaming

    We will deliver your stream to the viewer with a delay of 4 seconds while maintaining the quality of up to 4K or 8K.

    To make live streaming as close to real time as possible, we use Chunked CMAF, HTTP CTE, Low Latency HLS, and WebRTC technologies.

  • Ultra-Low Latency

    We support streaming in real time with delays of under 1 second.

  • Reduced Latency for Outdated Devices

    Broadcast delays for outdated devices will be only 10 seconds, instead of the usual 20–50 seconds.

  • Support for All Current Streaming Protocols

    We will transcode your streams and deliver them to viewers in HLS and MPEG-DASH (CMAF).

    For incoming streams, we support the following:

    • RTMP and RTMPS (for PULL and PUSH streams)
    • SRT (in LISTEN and PULL modes)
    • MPEG-TS (for HTTP and UDP streams)
    • HLS (for streams via direct link)
    • WebRTC and WebRTC 2 RTMP (for browser streams)
    • MPEG2 Multicast (with direct connection in data centers)

  • Backup Stream Links

    We can automatically switch a stream to the backup if the main master stream fails.

  • Broadcast Recording

    Your viewers will be able to rewind broadcasts or watch recorded versions. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) function allows you to rewind a stream back 4+ hours.

    Streams can also be recorded. In this case, when the broadcast is over, the video will be automatically transcoded into video on demand (VOD).

  • Restreaming

    We automatically relay your streams to YouTube, Twitch, and other social networks while maintaining quality and uninterrupted operation.

    To rebroadcast, just add a link to the social network.

Video Hosting

Show video on demand on any device: Web, iOS, Android, Smart TVs, Set Tob Boxes, and consoles. Advanced VOD technology without development costs.

  • Unlimited VOD Storage

    Store with no limits — no need to use external S3 or other storage. You can manage and catalog your content via a simple user-friendly interface. All video files are protected from loss with automatic backups.

  • Wide Range of Input File Formats

    Supported formats:

    • Containers: AVI, M4V, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MKV, etc.
    • Codecs: H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC), Apple ProRes 422, etc.
    • HDR, and 10-bit and 12-bit color depth
    • 360° video in equidistant projection

    All formats →
  • Uploading File

    Direct upload from your computer, or batch upload from external storages.

    Bulk video upload via FTP/S3.

    Manual →
  • Playlists

    Create video channel from VODs to reproduce personal list of watch. (We suggest: Create a video channel from VODs to create a personal watchlist.)

    Embed playlist into your web site, or restream it to social networks as endless TV-channel.

  • VOD 2 Live

    Create simulations of live events and webinars from recorded videos marked Live.

Group Video Calls

Organize webinars, conferences, and video consultations on your web resource for 200 participants and 1M+ viewers.

  • Embedded Into Your Resource

    Talk with your clients on your branded web site and your own mobile app. There’s no “external” app or software download required. Just choose your own personalized URL and meet with only one click.

    In case of a complex integration, we will provide a flexible API for communication with corporate CMS and help desk systems.

  • Encrypted Communication

    Video calls can be used as a cloud solution on our servers or placed within your infrastructure.

    On our servers, communication is protected with the help of Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) mechanisms.

    We are ready to meet any requirements from your corporate cybersecurity team.

  • Make Platform With Real Time Communication

    These are all the necessary functions for conducting webinars and video calls:

    • 1-on-1 consultations
    • 2-200 participants video conferencing
    • Custom branding
    • Adaptive bitrate and HD video quality
    • Presentation mode and screen sharing
    • Joint viewing
    • Moderation
    • Recording
    • Chat
    • Join with one click

  • No Time Limits & No “User” Licences

    There are no restrictions on the number of licenses for users or on the communication time.

Video Encoding

Deliver videos in up to 8K quality to any device. Your streams will be available even if the internet is unstable.

Video Encoding
  • Fast Queue of Encoding With No Limits

    We analyze each video to find the best encoding settings. We have our own infrastructure and fast processing queue — upload as many videos as you need, and don’t worry about anything else.

  • Smart Adaptive Bitrates (ABR) Ladder

    Thanks to Smart Adaptive Bitrates (ABR) technology, a video’s quality automatically changes, depending on the viewer’s internet speed.

    Resolution and bitrate: LQ, SD, HD, Full HD, Ultra HD, 4K, 8K

  • Formats and Codecs

    Available video codecs: H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC), VP8, VP9, AV1, Apple ProRes 422, etc.

    Audio codecs: AAC, MP3

    If you do not see the required codecs or parameters, simply ask us.


Deliver videos in up to 8K quality to any device. Your streams will be available even if the internet is unstable.

  • Play Anywhere

    Playback on web, mobile web, native iOS/Android apps, desktops Win/Mac/Linux, Set Top Boxes, consoles, and Smart TVs.

    Use our player, hls.js, ShakaPlayer, ExoPlayer, AVPlayer, or any other player on your website and in mobile applications.

  • Mobile Streaming

    Vertical and horizontal video, professional and UGC streams on iOS and Android. Anyone can go live or record VOD.

  • Scalable to 1M+ viewers

    Automatically scales to support from 1 to 1M+ active viewers at a time worldwide.

    The platform is already integrated with a CDN. The video will be delivered equally quickly to any part of the world.

  • Instant Experience in HTML5 Player

    We provide our own HTML5 player with features to improve the viewing experience:

    • Quick start and no buffering
    • Full screen mode and AirPlay
    • Subtitles
    • Different options for playing videos from playlists (e.g., one by one, starting at the appointed time, countdown, etc.)
    • Autoplay and silent start
    • Adaptive bitrate and manual quality selection: LQ, SD, HD, Full HD, 2K, 4K, 8K
    • 360° video

  • Fully Customizable Advanced Video Player

    Use additional functions:

    • Customize & Branding & Skins
    • DVR
    • Protected playback

AI ASR & Content Moderation

Analyze videos with Gcore AI video services. Get all the modern AI video processing services from one provider.

  • AI Engine

    Understand the contents of every video. Scan contents of every video for nudity, sexual activity, obscene scenes, etc.

  • Immediate Results

    Get video metadata instantly.

    Add marks, tags, and time intervals for VOD.

    Automatically analyze UGC livestreams and instantly stop obscene content.


Your content is protected from illegal viewing and copying.

  • Encryption

    We protect videos with AES, HLS Encryption, and DRM.

  • Protection for Private Streaming

    Thanks to playback policies, unlisted users will not be able to access content.

    Here’s what we use for protection:

  • Compliance With Enterprise Security Requirements

    We will help you meet the requirements of your corporate security team. For the API integration, you can use signed enterprise tokens.

Video Analytics

Analyze your Live and VOD performance with detailed analytics.

Video Analytics
  • Statistics & Engagement Metrics

    When using our player, you get detailed dashboard with insights into all details


    • Views
    • Unique viewers
    • Play time
    • Geolocation of viewers
    • Browsers
    • Device

    You can connect your Google Analytics counter to combine website and player statistics.

  • Live Streams Quality Data

    Get stream quality control using these metrics:

    • Bitrate
    • FPS (frames per second)
    • Key frames

Codeless Integration & API+SDK

Integrate video into your resource without programming, and use an API and SDK for deeper integration and management. Focus on your project, and we’ll take care of all the technical details of streaming.

Codeless Integration & API+SDK
  • No-Code

    Codeless integration for most platforms and CMSs.

    We have walkthroughts and samples to help you stream from a browser, Zoom, OBS, or your phone.

  • Rest API+SDK

    For integration at the software level, you can use an API and SDK.

    We provide the following:

    • Client API for the player
    • Server API for video management
    • Webhook
    • Mobile SDK

  • All-In-One Control Panel

    Use an all-in-one control panel for streaming, CDN, cloud, and DDOS protection—all with a user-friendly UI.

  • Free Trial Period

    Use our platform for 14 days for free to see how the solution suits your needs.

  • 24/7 Tech Support

    Polite and competent multilingual 24/7 technical support.

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