Powerful infrastructure, simple price

No credit card to start. Always free resources for setup and tests. Volume discounts and custom options for custom streaming.


Encoding: Free

You get modern adaptive bitrate encoding at no cost. We prepare all video bitrates for network conditions and devices on our side.


Storage: €0.002

per minute

You only pay for the length of the original video. Additional versions of video bitrates are not taken into account. Example: if your 1 minute original video is encoded in 5 different bitrates, you will only pay for 1 minute (not 1+5 minutes in total).


Streaming: €0.0008

per minute

Accurate calculation only for consumed minutes. Scalable video delivery via CDN with real-time statistics of views. Example: if your 10 minutes video was watched by 1 user, you will only pay for 10 minutes of watching (not 10GB of unused traffic).

Interactive Video: €0.03

per minute

Scalable video communication via WebRTC in your app. You pay per minute per user.

AI Video Recognition: €0.06

per minute

Each month, enjoy 5,000 free minutes of AI ASR (subtitle transcription) and 5,000 free minutes of AI video recognition, including inappropriate content flagging

AI Subtitles Generation: €0.01

per minute

Automatic speech transcription and subtitles translation on a pay-as-you-go basis

Ready to get started?

No credit card required. 14 days free trial.

Streaming monthly cost

Average video or stream duration (hh:mm:ss)

If you have 24/7 stream, please specify 24h

0h 1m

Number of videos to be uploaded/streamed per month


Average amount of viewers per video


Little hint

Record and store live streams

Record and store video for later viewing
Without storage

Video view rate (Length of average view time)


50% of the video like UGC in feed


1 video * 1min = 1min = €0


1 video * 1min = 1min * €0.002 = €0.01


1 video * 1min * 1view * 50% video view rate = 1min * €0.0008 = €0.01


Compare cost per month





No low latency streaming, no video calls



Microsoft Azure Media Services


AWS Elemental MediaPackage


Custom Options Pricing

    DVR, Live stream rewind – FREE
    Player for web – FREE
    VOD 2 Live – FREE
    Ad (CSAI) – FREE
    Recording – FREE
    Web studio – FREE
    Non basic transcoding (for paid options below) - €0.03 per minute
    HESP packaging and CDN delivery – x1
    SD only – x2/3
    H265 HEVC, VP9 – x2
    2K - x2
    4K – x4
    Continuous stream transcoding – €75 per stream per month
    Real-time communication for webinars – x1/3 per webinar viewer per minute
    Custom encoding preset – contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We don’t require a credit card. You can start creating free 10-second watermarked test videos

Because we have our own infrastructure. If you’re streaming a 10-minute video, you can encode it for free to show it in a variety of formats and qualities.

Our servers are installed in data centers all over the world, which gives us our own video encoding, CDN pops, cloud instances, and storage for video hosting. See our network map. We have been working on video for a long time, so we know how to configure it optimally using all of our infrastructure’s features.

We prepare multi-bitrate encoding to ensure that your video is broadcasted over the Internet with any quality of bandwidth and for playback on any device.

End users will have the following video qualities: LQ, SD, HD, and Full HD of horizontal or vertical (mobile) video.

The length of the stream or video must not exceed 48 hours.

Feel free to stream vertical video from mobile devices as any other type of video: horizontal or even square

Firstly, because it is as clear as possible to our customers. The size of live streams or VOD files may be unknown or highly dependent on encoding settings, but the length of the video is constant and always clear to you.

Remember that we transcode for free, and all final multi-bitrates are stored with us for free, too. In this case, it would be wrong to charge for storage. Moreover, storage includes video, audio, metadata, thumbnails, and screenshots.

No, we no longer store the original files. This option is only available upon request to the corporate clients.
Instead you can use downloading of transcoded qualities (sd, hd, fhd) in MP4 in progressive download format.

Yes, for now. We can attach your S3-like storage. In that case, no free transcoding will be applied. We’d be interested in understanding your use case.

Video delivery is organized by our own CDN infrastructure. CDN counts the viewing time of each user. This is much easier for clients than counting traffic in gigabytes.

Pay attention to the features of common video players. If a player downloads a video segment to buffer, it’s considered delivered and paid. For example, if a player buffers 30 seconds of video before playing, then CDN must deliver those 30 seconds regardless of whether it is viewed by a viewer or the viewer simply closes the video player at the start.

Yes, you can use your CDN’s packets. This is especially important for clients who distribute videos and other content. Please ask the support team to attach it to your account.

Every month every user gets up to 50K minutes at no cost for video calls.
We count each user’s viewing time. If real-time communication lasts 20 minutes and there are 10 people in it, there will be 200 minutes in billing.

For passive webinar viewers, the “Webinar viewer” option with a reduction factor is automatically applied.

We keep counting the length of the original video analyzed. If the analysis fires a conditional stop trigger, the trigger time is considered, not the length of the full video.

Images are counted as 1 second.

You need to activate the “Continuous stream transcoding” option. Then you can stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year or more with no limits, such as with TV/OTT broadcasting and CCTV live streams. This is available for live streams only.

You need to activate the same “2K”, “4K”, or “8K” video encoding options.

For popular settings, you can activate the corresponding options, such as “H.265/HEVC” or “4K”.

If you need additional custom settings, for example, to modify a preset, remove an unnecessary quality, or add extra low quality, just ask us. We’ll do it for you. Feel free to ask us to activate AV1, H.266, HEVC Main 4:4:4 12 profile, etc.

Yes, we count all streaming features by time in seconds. Then we add up the seconds, and the final count is given in minutes.

We can offer volume discounts and discounts for non-profit organizations.

If you plan to stream more than 1 million minutes per month, are switching from other providers, or need custom SLAs, please ask us.

Feel free to use our knowledge base with an API description and open-source demos. Our support team provides hands-on support via email and chat for everyone. We also offer Premium Support with messengers and phone support.

Contact us to get personalized offer