In this paper, we compared prices of the TOP cloud service providers for video encoding, video storage and CDN delivery:  

  • Amazon Media Services 
  • Microsoft Azure Media Services 
  • Cloudflare Stream 
  • Wowza Video 
  • Mux 
  • Encoding
  • Brightcove Zencoder
  • Gcore Streaming Platform 

To make the comparison in a single visual form, we chose ‘1 hour’ as the denominator because it’s the simplest and most understandable video metric.
Additionally, we compared the cost of streaming through CDN ‘per 1 hour of watching’ instead of gigabytes.

This white paper will be useful to anyone who is looking for the ways of costs optimisation, by letting your developers to perform important business tasks, instead of setting up video encoding. 

Jesús Peña Gacía
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