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Welcome to the Gcore Cloud documentation page! Here we explain how to create, configure, and troubleshoot different cloud products and services.

Cloud is a cloud computing platform that provides users with access to a wide range of computing services over the internet. With Cloud, you can run quickly, save costs, and scale up and down with ease.

From the left–side menu, you can access in–depth documentation about Cloud:

  • Overview – features of Gcore Cloud
  • Getting started – quotas for cloud resources, projects in your account, statistics on expenses and resource reservation
  • Virtual instances – instance creation and management, statuses, placement groups, volumes, monitoring, snapshots, troubleshooting
  • Bare metal servers – overview, bare metal creation and management, advanced DDoS protection
  • Images – overview, image preparation, uploading
  • Networking – networks, subnetworks, routers, load balancers, firewalls, IP addresses, including reserved, floating and virtual IP addresses and allowed address pairs
  • Kubernetes – overview, cluster management, ingress controllers for networking, PVCs for storage, load monitoring
  • SSH keys – SSH key management
  • Secrets Manager – management of PKCS12 files for load balancers with HTTP listeners
  • AI Infrastructure – overview of Gcore AI infrastructure, AI clusters, virtual vPODs
  • Function as a Service – features of Gcore FaaS
  • Managed Logging – overview, configuration, installation of log shippers
  • Terraform – Cloud management via Terraform
  • Billing – charges and invoicing

If you have any questions or think we’re missing a topic in our documentation, please leave a comment and our content team will address it.

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