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Object Storage

Welcome to the Gcore Object Storage documentation page! Here we explain how to use, configure, and troubleshoot Gcore Object Storage.

Object Storage is an S3 or SFTP service that lets you store various types of data (media files, logs, backups, etc.) on Gcore's digital data storage hardware.

From the left-side menu, you can access in-depth documentation about Object Storage:

  • Create Object Storage – create Object Storage or SFTP storage
  • Billing – tariff plans, limits, billing rules
  • Use Object Storage with CDN – assign storage to a CDN resource origin, how the file requesting scheme works with a CDN
  • Manage Object Storage – manage buckets, control file visibility
  • Manage SFTP storage – connect to your storage using FileZilla, manage SSH keys in the Gcore Customer Portal
  • Request files from Object Storage – scheme for requesting uploaded files
  • View statistics – used space, number of requests, traffic
  • Troubleshooting – resolve any 403 and 404 storage issues

If you have any questions or if there is a storage-related topic that you think we’re missing, please leave a comment and our content team will address it.

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