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Why Gcore


Managed DNS

Enterprise-grade authoritative DNS delivering blazing-fast DNS resolution and mission-critical availability.

Key benefits

Optimize your network performance

Experience fast application performance with our global network of over 180 Anycast DNS servers. Wherever your users are in the world, we make sure they reach your service with minimal latency.

Ensure your business continuity

Keep your services and applications available 24/7, without exception, with our robust, geo-distributed DNS infrastructure. We’re committed to keeping your operations running smoothly.

Orchestrate traffic with ease

Navigate even the most complex network challenges with ease, thanks to our comprehensive load balancing options.

We make it simple to direct traffic intelligently, so you can pass on optimal performance and reliability to your customers.

Anycast DNS

With Anycast, your queries are always routed to the nearest edge location, ensuring blazing-fast query response and resilient domain resolution even during massive traffic events like DDoS attacks.

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Anycast DNS
Coordinates Continents Countries ASNs IP addresses Weights Coordinates Continents Countries ASNs IP addresses Weights Coordinates Continents Countries ASNs IP addresses Weights

More than GeoDNS

Take control of your traffic routing with our advanced load balancing mechanisms. We offer a wide range of rules and settings so you can accurately tailor your traffic routing to your specific needs. You can load balance according to:

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Health Checks

Enjoy peace of mind with DNS Health Checks, designed to keep your applications running smoothly and with high availability. This tool constantly monitors the health of your endpoints, ensuring high availability at all times. Should any issue arise, it automatically updates your DNS records to keep your operations on track.

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Health Checks

DevOps-friendly DNS

Optimize your DevOps experience with our extended API and your favorite configuration-as-code tools like Terraform and OctoDNS. These resources are ready to go, making it simple to optimize your workflow and environment to your exact needs.



    Anycast DNS
    DDoS-protected DNS
    Vanity name servers
    IPv6 support
    DNSSEC (beta)
    Rapid change propagation
    Advanced GeoDNS
    Weighted load balancing
    Load balancing by subnet
    Health Checks
    Minimum TTL: 1 sec
    CNAME Flattening
    HTTPS record
    Extended API
    OctoDNS integration
    Terraform integration
    Kubernetes ExternalDNS integration
    Certbot integration

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