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Add and configure a registry

If you want to deploy a custom AI model with Gcore Inference at the Edge, you need to provide information about the registry where your model is stored. This is necessary to ensure that we can access and retrieve your model during the deployment process.

You can set up a registry either during AI model deployment or on the Registries page. The latter approach is described in this guide.

Add a registry

1. In the Gcore Customer Portal, navigate to Cloud > Inference at the Edge.

2. Click Registries.

3. Click Add registry.

Registries page with highlighted Add registry button

4. Give your registry a name consisting of lowercase Latin characters, which can be separated by dashes.

5. Provide the link to the location where your AI model is stored. We’ll use this URL to retrieve the model during deployment.

6. Specify the username you use to access the storage location of your AI model.

7. Enter the password required to access the model.

8. Click Add.

Add registry dialog with registry configuration options

You’ve successfully configured a registry.

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